Academic journal article Hecate

A Day in the Life

Academic journal article Hecate

A Day in the Life

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Breakfasts of cereal and toast and bacon and eggs not quite as regular as bran but regimented all the same and besides the sun-dried fruit quota is fulfilled at 10 even if nothing else is

the communal coffee's getting low again no 1 knows where it all goes must have 1's daily caffeine intake so a few more spoonfuls another dose and the cycle recommences lever the lid off beaming back smudged versions of 1's public face break open the tin foil shove tomescent metal through it jagged and unyielding like a true virgin's hymen before the vaulting horse once in 1's home and hosed

to count 1's life in terms of Morning Teas finger buns pregnant with butter past the point of no return the sole icing a candy-pink squiggle squirted mechanically on glazed surfaces that lustre above a sultana shit-brown spattering of survival destitute in the floury dough of desultory existence

Lunches at the local surrounded by mates layers deep physically with piles of change their single opportunity for optimistic alteration left unheeded on the bar

counter lunches that run counter to all nutritional requirements and drip their cover-all taste sensation tomato sauce bloodily recreating transubstantiation for the die-hard live soft worshippers at this shrine of bull and saw dust

sausage sandwiches the pub's invariable blackboard special wolfed down while the leader of the pack regales all and sundry with bionic-like feats of endurance and some 1 stirring suggests we act as witnesses next performance submitting our sure to be world-shattering observations and time trial results to the guinness book of records on cue the distaff chorus line swings into action rolling their eyes heavenward in mock horror only part sham for there is nothing more gut-churning than the australian male shooting off at the mouth predictably the listing don juan declines under the influence of ostensible discretion every 1 knows being out has its own ground rules and here you can flick your ash on the carpet in the lounge or spread the dregs of tedious days and mind-blowing lays around with impunity not like at home

Afternoon Teas of poker games all hands but no hearts up for grabs surprise surprise the in-tray's empty already doesn't time fly when you're having fun much of it discreetly put in the 2 hard file cum wastepaper bin must be the homing hour 8 selfless 1s sacrificed for the common good no 1's privileged with sufficient evidence to label me a clock-watching public servant except the clock and it's been bribed into virtual silence only a nervous tic every 2nd 2nd and a compensating tock each alternate 1 just to remind us it's there. …

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