Aims and scope/Amac Ve Kapsam

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Civilacademy Journal of Social Sciences is a peer reviewed interdisciplinary bilingual printed journal (both Turkish and English)--so as to reach out to a wider audience and attain greater interaction among our readersdevoted to the pursuit of knowledge and continuing inquiry into the ways in which human communities form and work together. The Journal is a student-based publication sponsored by Fatih University. Papers deal with all aspects of social systems, from interpersonal to international. It is committed to the improvement of practice, extension of knowledge and promotion of communications in very broad fields of social sciences. While it publishes original research, theoretical papers, review articles, notes and discussions on social work theory and practice, and new developments in social sciences' fields as are responses to published articles and reviews. The journal covers the fields of politics, international relations, management, economy, law, public administration, communication, anthropology, folklore, history, religion, sociology, literature (theory and criticism), media reviews (books, film, video, performance, art, music, drama, melodrama, etc.), linguistic, psychology, philosophy, media studies, women's or gender studies, cultural studies, working-class studies, ethnic studies as well as book reviews on recent publications.

The aim of Civilacademy Journal of Social Sciences is to provide an intellectual platform for social-scientific studies, a platform in which research in alternative paradigms for social inquiry could be jointly presented and debated and is to publish conceptual, research, and/or case based works that can be of practical value to business persons, educators, students, researches, specialists and advocates within the social science and beyond. Facilitating a productive dialogue among the researchers of different persuasions, the Journal seeks to promote an interdiscursive exchange over the issues of theoretical, practical, and historical importance, and to stimulate research that explores the weaknesses and strengths of different paradigms in dealing with the rich array of problems, puzzles, and complexities in political, economic, social, literal and visional processes.

We accept articles based on congruence with the purpose of the Journal, importance of the contribution to existing literature, conceptual and written clarity, and sound methods. The editorial board encourages research that draws upon conventional as well as non-conventional wisdom in studying social-scientific questions, and that offers new and innovative perspectives and interpretations on issues that are appropriate for the scope of the journal. The research submitted for publication could be theoretical or empirical in nature. The editorial policy maintains, as a central principle of scientific pluralism, a respect for the incommensurable differences among alternative paradigms, and does not impose any interparadigmatic standard on the methods or contents of the articles, but requires that the submitted research meets the internal standards of its own paradigm.

Manuscripts submitted to Civilacademy Journal of Social Sciences may not be published elsewhere except with written consent of the Journal. We accept only original papers (not published or accepted for publication elsewhere). Submissions, which must be in both Turkish and English, are refereed anonymously. …


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