Christine Z. Howe

Article excerpt

Our community of leisure scholars lost a significant contributor and colleague in the recent death of Christine Z. Howe (1951-1997). Chris was an educator's educator. Her fireless work habits enabled her to produce an impressive number of publications and presentations. She was often on the cutting edge of contemporary topics. She lobbied for under represented topics such as evaluation, multi-cultural programming, qualitative research, and the disenfranchised well before such were considered fashionable by the majority. Chris was committed to excellence. Her intelligence and concurrent drive to accomplish tasks meant that she did more and did it better than many of us, and in far less time. She brought a passion to her many endeavors, and thus contributed in her various positions of professional and academic leadership, classroom instruction, student advising, and one-on-one interactions with colleagues.

Chris was known for holding up her end of the bargain, usually in record time. Her support was constant, undaunting, and not boastful. She took personal joy in seeing others succeed. She assisted others in realizing success. And she was one of the few of us who would take the time to share the words "good job" or "congratulations" in a note or card.

It was a treat to see Chris when she was delighted. She expressed this side of herself in playful, whimsical ways. Within a day or so of moving to California in the early eighties, Chris found pure joy in experiencing her first earthquake and seeing nude sun bathers all in the same day. She told a friend, "now my life is complete." She was joking, of course, but charming in her delight.

Chris was a very private person. Yet she was also one to express publicly, precisely, and eloquently truisms that deserved to be heard. …


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