Academic journal article Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue

Response to Nine Texts: De-Constructing the Body

Academic journal article Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue

Response to Nine Texts: De-Constructing the Body

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This writing is a direct response to the nine different writing styles of Helene Cixous, John Rechy, Rosalind Krauss, Nadia Seremetakis, Anna Sanderson, Madan Sarup, Jacques Ranciere, Liz Magor and Marcel Proust.

I construct interiors and situations within the bodies of their writings; interiors and situations that work with and fits with each individual style of writing. "De-constructing the body" as it follows on the next nine pages is an interactive piece of text that implicates the reader in the same way that performance-based art does with the viewer.

"Inter-views" before and after (with Helene Cixous)

daisies. she starts to take them off the wall. they do not please her Anymore. until she discovers there are More of them underneath. so she rests.

The place looks unfinished. But it is somehow complete. The wall is now showing three different daisy-type wallpapers and looks very untidy, but that's just her. She lets the process itself decide when it is time to pause. It will correct itself.

it is called Swan white. at certain moments it almost looks green.. no, blue..

She painted one of her walls white. The 'pause' comes back. This wall is like the 'pause' itself. My body rests for a second here. I can hear vibration.

There are three simple armchairs positioned in a triangle with a little round table in the middle. The table is central. I look at her notes while she is busy finding a Beethoven CD. I haven't started asking questions and already feel she is answering.

she runs to the phone. how did she know it was going to ring? or is it Me starting to understand Before?

She comes back with two cups of green tea. A little bit spills on the floor, that is the moment when I notice the carpet. It looks a very ordinary gray at first, but than you notice footprints on it. From different angles and with different light you see different marks. Is this the After?

I notice there is a photo of a girl hanging on the wall and assume it is someone from the family. But to my surprise I find out she is 'nobody", or 'everybody' in this case. She is a potential reader, she is everybody.

"little girl I write like the child learning to walk: she rushes, faster than herself, as if the secret of walking were ahead of her." (Helene Cixous)

I am on my way home now. Sitting on the bus I start rereading my own notes with the thought of my footprints on her carpet. It takes around twenty minutes from here to my place.

Autobiografia Novelou (with John Rechy)

"Autobiography changes from moment to moment. It is not what happened, but what is being remembered." (John Rechy)

We had to move. The place was too cold and damp. My sister was at risk. She almost died when she was three of a kidney infection as a result of the cold and wet conditions in our flat, so my parents started looking for a new place immediately. She also had, as the doctors later discovered, a congenital disposition called "renduplex" (one of her kidneys was doubled and for this reason non-functional). It was explained to me as a child that there was a high chance my younger sister would get very sick again so I had to be a good girl and not to give anyone trouble. I was the healthy one and that equaled not being problematic.

Unfortunately no one was concerned about how the healthy child of the family was going to cope with moving. Leaving Misko Hudec, my dearest friend from just across the road, leaving all the secret places we'd only recently discovered and bunkers we'd recently built. Leaving my little heart behind. Sitting in my old room on my very last day there I was busy explaining to him how important it was for my sister to live somewhere else, somewhere better. Secretly I hated my parents, secretly I was very angry and wasn't that good girl everyone knew at all. …

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