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Michael Riffaterre: A Checklist of Writings through 1996

Academic journal article Style

Michael Riffaterre: A Checklist of Writings through 1996

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Relatively little of Michael Riffaterre's prodigious output has been collected in book form, and the volumes of the MLA Bibliography list only about half of his articles; my hope is that this listing will help fill in the bibliographical gaps and also constitute a usefully condensed overview of and orientation to the course of his work. This checklist attempts to provide a complete listing of all of Riffaterre's published books and articles from 1953 through 1996. I have included reprintings and revised versions where I am aware of them and all translations from the English and French originals, even though this latter decision has extended the task well beyond my limited bibliographical and linguistic reach into Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish materials. It should be noted that Riffaterre himself usually recommends the English translations in preference to the French originals when both are available.

Books and articles are listed separately, with items arranged chronologically by year, then alphabetically within each year. Translations and reprintings are listed chronologically under the original items rather than under the year in which they appeared; this arrangement has the advantages of making the list fairly reliable as an index to the progression of Riffaterre's interests as a writer and of providing direct access to more readily-available versions of hard-to-find materials, but it does have the disadvantage of obscuring to some extent the stages of his reception by an increasingly wide audience through those translations and reprints. My thanks to Michael Riffaterre and to Alyer Breau, John Landry, Karen Monahan, Stephanie Tenney, Elizabeth Winiarz, and Linda Zieper for their valuable assistance in compiling this bibliography.

1. Books

Le Style des Pleiades de Gobineau: Essai d'application d'une methode stylistique. Geneva: Droz, 1957.

Essais de stylistique structurale. Trans. Daniel Delas. Paris: Flammarion, 1971.

Portuguese translation: Estilistica Estructural. Trans. Anne Arnichand and Alvaro Lorencini. Sao Paulo: Cultrix, 1973.

German translation: Strukturale Stilistik. Trans. Wilhelm Bolle. Munich: Paul List Verlag, 1973.

Spanish translation: Ensayos de Stilistica Estructural. Madrid: Seix Barral, 1976.

Japanese translation: Buntai-ron Josetsu. Trans. N. Miyahara Fukui and K. Kawamoto. Tokyo: Tokyo Asahi Shuppansha, 1978.

Semiotics of Poetry.. Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1978. Paperback editions, London: Methuen, 1980; Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1984.

French translation: Semiotique de la poesie. Trans. Jean-Jacques Thomas. Paris: Seuil, 1983.

Arabic translation: [On Semiotics]. Trans. Ferial Ghazoul. Cairo: Elias Publishing House, 1986.

La Production du texte. Paris: Seuil, 1979.

English translation: Text Production. Trans. Teresa Lyons. New York: Columbia UP, 1983. Paperback edition, 1984.

Portuguese translation: A Producao de Texto. Trans. Eliane Fitipaldi Pereira Lima de Paiva. Sao Paulo: Martias Fontes, 1989.

Italian translation: La Produzione del Testo. Trans. Giorgio Zanetti. Bolgna: Il Mulino, 1989.

Editor, Intertextualites medievales. Special issue of Litterature 41 (1981): 4128.

Fictional Truth. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1990.

2. Articles in Journals and Books


"La Duree de la valeur stylistique du neologisme." Romanic Review 44 (1953): 282-89.


"Datations de mots et neologismes." Le Francais Moderne 22 (1954): 59-68.


"Sur un singulier d'Andre Gide: Contribution h l'etude des cliches." Le Francais Moderne 23 (1955): 39-43.


"Giraudoux: Irony and Poetry." American Society Legion of Honor Magazine 29 (1958): 9-20.

"Michelet et Elien ie Sophiste." Revue des Sciences Humaines ns 91 (1958): 413-15.

"Reponse a Monsieur Leo Spitzer: Sur la methode stylistique. …

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