Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations: Survey of Graduate Programs 2009-2010

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations: Survey of Graduate Programs 2009-2010

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University of Alberta (46) (42) (17)

SHAMEEN ISLAM, "Stuff, Universals, and Things: Some Themes from Metaphysics." Adviser: Adam Morton.

University of Arizona (48) (48) (23)

MARCUS ARVAN, "A Non-Ideal Theory of Justice." Adviser: Thomas Christiano. (Awarded in 2008)

CHRIS BROWN, "Beneficence." Adviser: David Schmidtz. (Awarded in 2008)

FARID MASROUR, "Consciousness, Unity and Intentionality." Advisers: David Chalmers and Terry Horgan. (Awarded in 2008)

LEE SHEPSKI, "The Reality Behind Moral Experience." Adviser: Mark Timmons. (Awarded in 2008)

Boston University (68) (62) (33)

MARTIN BLACK, "Socrates on Dialogue, the Forms and Eros: Plato's Depiction of the Socratic Turn in the Phaedo, Parmenides, and Symposium." Adviser: Stanley Rosen.

LAUREN FREEMAN, "Ethical Dimensions in Martin Heidegger's Early Thinking." Adviser: Daniel Dahlstrom.

GAL KOBER, "Biology Without Species: A Solution to the Species Problem." Adviser: Alfred Tauber.

CHRISTOPHER SURPRENANT, "Kantian Virtue and Civil Society." Adviser: Manfred Kuehn.

Bowling Green State University (35) (35) (9)

PETER CELELLO, "Desert in Context." Adviser: Steve Wall.

KATHERINE ERBEZNIK, "Liberal Cosmopolitanism." Adviser: Steve Wall.

GALEN FORESMAN, "Monism and Pluralism: Is There a Practical Difference?" Adviser: Daniel Jacobson. (Awarded in 2008)

LEANNE KENT, "Tragic Dilemmas and Virtue Ethics." Adviser: Fred Miller University of British Columbia (36) (36) (18)

BERGERON, VINCENT, "Cognitive Architecture and the Brain: Beyond Domain-specific Functional Specification." Adviser: Dominic Lopes.

Brown University (30) (26) (15)

JASON ROBERT D'CRUZ, "Imagination and Emotion in Action." Adviser: Nomy Arpaly

JERRY JOSEPH STEINHOFER, "Epistemic Desert and the Value of Knowledge." Adviser: Ernest Sosa.

JAMES TAGGART, "Motivation as a Way of Thinking." Adviser: Dan Brock.

NICK TREANOR, "The World in Mind." Adviser: Jaegwon Kim.

University of Calgary (32) (31) (20)

SPERANZA DOLGETTA, "The Moral Status of Germ Line Gene Manipulation: Practical Considerations." Adviser: John A. Baker.

STUART EDGAR, "Deciphering the World: A Study in Schopenhauer's Metaphysics." Adviser: Mark Migotti.

JENNIFER RUNKE, "Towards an Adequate Theory of Scientific Metaphor." Adviser: Marc Ereshefsky. (Awarded in 2008)

ALEXANDER E. SAGER, "Immigration, Rights, and Equality." Advisers: Dennis E. McKerlie and Kai Nielsen.

RAFAL URBANIAK, "Lesniewski's Systems of Logic and Mereology; History and Re-evaluation." Adviser: Richard Zach. (Awarded in 2008)

University of California at Berkeley (46) (46) (18)

FABRIZIO CARIANI, "The Semantics of 'Ought' and the Unity of Modal Discourse." Adviser: John MacFarlane.

JAMES GENONE, "Appearance as Reality: Direct Realism and Perceptual Error." Adviser: John Campbell.

JOSEPH KARBOWSKI, "The Methodology of Aristotle's Inquiry into the Human Good in the Nicomachean Ethics." Adviser: Alan Code.

RUSS MCBRIDE, "The Homeostatic Mind: A Developmental Study of Object Cognition." Adviser: Hans Sluga.

JOSH SHEPTOW, "Coordination and Exclusion: Two Problems of Mental Causation." Adviser: John Campbell.

University of California at Davis (27) (26) (15)

BROOKE S. ROBERTS, "A Reactive Attitudes Account of Desert." Advisers: Pekka Vayrynen and Gerald Dworkin

University of California at Riverside (34) (33) (19)

NICHOLAS BAIAMONTE, "On the Possibility of Being Virtuous in a Wicked World: The Nature, character, and Power of Genuine Moral Reflection." Adviser: Eric Schwitzgebel.

JAY CONWAY, "Gilles Deleuze and the Affirmation of Philosophy." Adviser: Georgia Warnke.

FELIPE LEON, "Armchair Knowledge and Modal Skepticism: A Rapprochement. …

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