Wideyes Sponsors Team Human Link

Article excerpt

Wideyes, the pioneer of third generation Internet recruitment, announced in April that it was to sponsor Team Human Link (THL), a leading multisport team that competes around the globe. Wideyes has selected THL because both companies appreciate the contribution individual talents make towards creating a successful team. THL is a team on nine that competes in global physical challenge events which last for a number of days and cover a number of sporting disciplines; while Wideyes helps candidates realise their aspirations, and enables companies to build global teams, which meet and exceed business needs.

At the end of April THL went to Nepal and Tibet for the Raid Gauloise, where it will be the first such team to broadcast its challenges to Internet users. With the support of Wideyes, THL is using cutting edge technology to transmit webTV via satellite phones. Their supports will be able to watch the team as they compete in extreme sports including mountain biking, mountain orienteering, canyoning, hydrospeed swimming, rafting and "ride and run" (five people, one horse). After Tibet, the team's next challenge is the Salomon Xadventure, which is being held in the Pyrenees in June 2000.

Marie Baillot Sommar, marketing director for Wideyes, said:

"Extreme sports require a certain type of individual; someone who is willing to go where they have never been before, and accept challenges that stretch them to their physical and emotional limits. …


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