Academic journal article Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers

Legacy Profiles Index: Volumes 1.1 through 25.2, 1984-June 2009

Academic journal article Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers

Legacy Profiles Index: Volumes 1.1 through 25.2, 1984-June 2009

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Barr, Amelia E., by Rose Norman, 16.2 (1999): 193-200.

Blake, Lillie Devereux, by Grace Farrell, 14.2 (1997): 146-53.

Bowers, Bathsheba, by Suzanne M. Zweizig, 11.1 (1994): 65-73. With an excerpt from An Alarm Sounded to Prepare The Inhabitants Of the World To Meet the Lord in The Way of his Judgments (1709).

Bradstreet, Anne, by Jane Donahue Eberwein, 11.2 (1994): 161-68. With an excerpt from "The Third Monarchy, Being the Grecian" (N.d.).

Brooks, Maria Gowen, by Jeffrey D. Groves, 12.1 (1995): 38-45. With excerpts from Zophiel; or, The Bride of Seven" (1833).

Brown, Alice, by Beth Wynne Fisken, 6.2 (1989): 51-56. With an excerpt from "At Sudleigh Fair," Meadow-Grass (1895).

Bullard, Laura Jane Curtis, by Denise M. Kohn, 21.1 (2004): 74-83.

Cary, Alice, by Judith Fetterley and Marjorie Pryse, 1.1 (1984): 1-3.

Child, Lydia Maria, by Patricia G. Holland, 5.2 (1988): 45-52. With an excerpt from An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Culled Africans, Chapter VII, "Moral Character of Negroes" (1833).

Clappe, Louise (Dame Shirley), by Sandra Lockhart, 8.2 (1991): 141-48. With an excerpt from The Shirley Letters from California Mines, 1851-1852, "Letter the Fifth" (1854).

Cooke, Rose Terry, by Cheryl Walker, 9.2 (1992): 143-49. With a reprint of a letter to Frederick Law Olmstead from 15 January 1856 and the poem "Blue-Beard's Closet" from Poems (1861).

Davis, Rebecca Harding, by Jean Pfaelzer, 7.2 (1990): 39-45. With an excerpt from Bits of Gossip (1904).

Deland, Margaret, by Diana C. Reep, 14.1 (1997): 43-50.

Ellet, Elizabeth Fries Lummis, by Carol Mattingly, 18.1 (2001): 101-07.

Farrand, Beatrix, by Carmen Pearson, 25.1 (2008): 128-40. With an excerpt from an untitled paper (N.d.).

Fields, Annie Adams, by Rita K. Gollin, 4.1 (1987): 27-33. With excerpts from her diary and letters (N.d.).

Fisher, Dorothy Canfield, by Mark J. Madigan, 9.1 (1992): 49-58.

Foote, Julia A. J., by Joy A. Howard, 23.1 (2006): 86-93. With excerpts from A Brand Plucked from the Fire, Chapter 1, "Birth and Parentage" (1879).

Foote, Mary Hallock, by Melody Graulich, 3.2 (1986): 43-50. With excerpts from her letters to Helena De Kay Gilder (N.d.).

Foster, Hannah Webster, by Claire C. Pettengill, 12.2 (1995): 133-40. With an excerpt from The Boarding School (1798).

Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins, by Leah Blatt Glasser, 4.1 (1987): 37-43. With an excerpt from A New England Nun and Other Stories, "A Church Mouse" (1891).

Fremont, Jessie Ann Benton, by Sandra Harbert Petrulionis, 18.2 (2002): 232-38.

Green, Anna Katharine, by Patricia D. Maida, 3.2 (1986): 53-58. With a reprint of That Affair Next Door, Chapter 1 (1897).

Greene, Sarah Pratt McLean, by Karen Oakes, 11.1 (1994): 55-63. With an excerpt from Cape Cod Folks, Chapter II, "I Blow the Horn" (1881).

Greenwood, Grace (Sara Jane Clarke Lippincott), by Paula Garrett, 14.2 (1997): 137-45.

Hale, Sarah Josepha, by Nicole Tonkovich Hoffman, 7.2 (1990): 47-54. With a reprint from "Editor's Table," Godey's Lady's Book (Aug. 1845).

Hamilton, Gail, by Susan Coultrap-McQuin, 4.2 (1987): 53-57. With excerpts from Gail Hamilton's Life in Letters (1856 letters).

Harland, Marion, by Karen Smith, 8.1 (1991): 51-56. With excerpts from Breakfast, Luncheon, and Tea (1875) and Bills of Fare for All Seasons of the Year (1889).

Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins, by Elizabeth Amnions, 2.2 (1985): 61-66. With a reprint of "The Slave Mother" from Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects (1854).

Hentz, Caroline Lee Whiting, by Jamie Stanesa, 13.2 (1996): 130-39. With a reprint of "On Female Education" from The Flowers of Elocution: A Class-Book (1855) and an excerpt from Marcus Warland; or, The Long Moss Spring (1852).

Higginson, Ella Rhoads, by Susan Goodman, 6. …

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