Academic journal article Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management

Service Quality Attributes Affecting the Satisfaction of Railway Passengers of Selective Route in Southwestern Part of Bangladesh

Academic journal article Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management

Service Quality Attributes Affecting the Satisfaction of Railway Passengers of Selective Route in Southwestern Part of Bangladesh

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1. Introduction

Railway is very popular sector of transportation practice in Bangladesh because of low costing and enjoyable journey. It made a great contribution to solve the communication demand as well as the employment problems which have a significant effect in the national economy of Bangladesh. A large group of peoples are engaged with this subsector from staff to executive level to operate the whole system. However as it serving great amount of passengers, the quality of service is the main concerning issue in that way. So ensuring desire quality of service for the passenger of all groups is the main challenge for this sector. Targeting this challenge to identify satisfaction situation regarding the present service quality is the main aim of this study.

Railway is a dominating enterprise over others in Bangladesh. It captures a large amount of land resource of this country. This sector share around 20% passengers among all transport sectors in Bangladesh, it is just after roadway which covers around 65% and waterway have a contribution of about 16% of total passengers. For freight transportation it covers around 16% on the other hand roadway cover 48% and waterway cover about 35% (ADB, 2000). Regarding the Khulna station of selected route, a total of 310157 passengers were traveled from July 2007 to May 2008 and it is increasing (Bangladesh Railway, 2008).

This study explores a relation between railway service quality attributes and customer satisfaction based on passenger perception. A model is developed which describe the relationship between overall satisfaction of service and the service attributes in different circumstances of passenger perspectives. Primarily, the service quality attributes enlisted through literature review and interviewing the passenger and experts, after that using factor analysis the service attributes those express the overall service situation is determined and last of all a model developed. Using this satisfaction model the overall satisfaction of the railway service can be depicted which will help to know the service situation and provide a guidelines in further service assessment, betterment and improvement process.



A study on railway passenger service quality valuation carried out from December 1999 to June 2000 by the organization named Steer Davies Gleave of London prepared for Shadow Strategic Rail Authority to study the importance of rail passengers into improvement of the range and quality of facilities and service on stations and in trains (Gleave, S. D., 2000). This study gives emphasis on monetary valuation of the improvement of service for a number of passenger groups. Key aim of this study to provides some robust parameters which can use in different circumstances of assessment of railway service. In subsequent steps of current study those parameters provide essential help to short out the service quality attributes which affect the passenger satisfaction of service regarding the particular study area. About 22 attributes were used to conduct the railway passenger quality valuation process which helps to identify the responsible attributes regarding the particular study.

Another study named service quality attributes affecting customer satisfaction for bus transit for measuring the relationship between global customer satisfaction and service attributes of public transport especially of bus transit for University of Calabria student to reach the campus from the urban area of Cossenza of southern Italy. A model proposed in this study which may useful to analyze the correlation between service quality attributes and identify the more convenient attributes for improving the supplies service (Fu, L. and Xin, Y. 2007). This study provides the methodological assistance to conduct current study to determine the relationship between rail passenger satisfaction and service attributes. …

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