Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

No One Gets More out of ABA Membership Than I Do

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

No One Gets More out of ABA Membership Than I Do

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IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO WAKE UP TO the incredible value of ABA membership.

In my early years as a banker, I didn't fully appreciate all that ABA delivers. I had attended some educational programs, but my involvement stopped there. It wasn't until I became a member of the ABA group that we now call America's Community Bankers Council that it clicked.

Here was a roomful of bankers who could become a huge asset to me and to my bank. I wanted to keep coming back to ABA meetings because I was learning so much. And each time I promised I would bring my "A" game. I wanted to participate fully because we can learn so much from one another. And besides, I love interacting with bankers.

Today no one gets more out of their ABA membership than I do. It has made me a better banker and made my bank a better bank. Whenever a problem comes up and we can't figure out the answer in Grand Rapids, I tell the staff to call ABA. I know that ABA's experts either will have the answers or will point us in the right direction.

ABA's rich diversity is a huge asset to me because I am able to learn from bankers who operate under every charter, who have banks of every size, every ownership structure, and every business model in every nook and cranny of this country. I benefit from the cross-pollination of all these bankers' ideas and experiences. And I realize that the problems other bankers have now might be the same ones I have to solve several years from now.

That's what ABA's diversity does for me personally, but it does so much more for the industry. Because ABA represents the full spectrum of banks operating in communities across the country, it has the strongest, most compelling voice for banks in Washington. …

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