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Effectiveness of Institutional Performance of Public Schools in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia from the Perspective of School Administrators

Academic journal article College Student Journal

Effectiveness of Institutional Performance of Public Schools in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia from the Perspective of School Administrators

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This study aimed at evaluating the ,institutional performance in secondary school in the Eastern Region ,the study sample were comprised of 90 school principals during the academic year 2008/2009. The study concluded that the efficiency of the institutional performance is week. also concluded that there no significant differences in the institutional performance due to qualification and experience.


Many of the government institutions lack the institutional spirit, which we aspire to, in their dealings. They don't have among their priorities the approach of continuity, partnership, responsibility and objectivity. This happens in some educational institutions. This is where the concern for the spread of institutional culture and training of its officials comes from, so it becomes effective and efficient institutions (A1-Khatib 2006, p. 225).School is considered as a an important basic educational institution, of a mission to develop the character of student and work in the development and integration of its creative energies, and pledge their talents and innovations (Al Abullah, 2002 p.21). As the objectives of school change and become of a wider prospective to form the cornerstone in the educational process to achieve the desired goals, school administration becomes part of the educational administration and in reduced scale a reflection of its organization structure. Thus, intelligibility in approach of its management and determining of diminutions becomes the backbone to the success of the school in carrying out its mission. (Abu Nasser, 2008, p. 7).

Effective administration aimed at improving the educational process and promotion of performance (Ahmed 1999). School Administration should include the planning, organization, follow-up, evaluation, development, and changing process. School effectiveness can be judged by the positive atmosphere and cooperative action-oriented, in addition to providing a system of feedback and evaluation system in place .The institution of school should utilize the optimal use of human and technical capabilities available to them and to their communities (Al-Abdullah, 2002, p. 25, Ahmad 2000, p. 4)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always striving for educational development to include all aspects of the educational process, and stressing the importance of selecting the educational leaders, and training and qualifying them.(Abu Nasir 2008).Orloski,1984 and others made it clear that there are five factors lies within the direct responsibility of school principle : strong leadership, providing the appropriate atmosphere, school emphasizes on skills learning, and teachers' expectations and providing performance monitoring system.

Effectiveness according to A1Bura'mi (2005) is the school ability to achieve its fulfilled goals according to aspects predetermined by the school, but Hammad (1995) believes that effectiveness of the school is related to the optimal power of the used elements in peruse of achieving the determined objectives. (Nashwan) sees that ithe effectiveness increases among organizations if individuals feel their own personal goals are linked to those of the administrative organizations (Nashwan, 2004, p. 213) In general, the concept of the effectiveness of the school refers to an organizational unit, that is expressed in the form of school output, measured in the light of the average achievement of students (Mamari, 2004, p. 3).

Redden mentioned in Nashwan(2004,p.214)made it clear that there are three types of effectiveness: Management Effectiveness, Personal Effectiveness, and Apparent Effectiveness. Several studies by( Alki, Daillah ancd White, 1997) suggest that nothing matches personal involvement to achieve success and provide effectiveness. Effectiveness of the school principal can be measured through several models i.e. Direct-effects model or Moderated-effects model or Mediated-effects model, or Reciprocal-effect modal (Eberts, et at. …

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