Academic journal article Adult Learning

Unlatching the Gate: Helping Adult Students Learn Mathematics

Academic journal article Adult Learning

Unlatching the Gate: Helping Adult Students Learn Mathematics

Article excerpt

Unlatching the Gate: Helping Adult Students Learn Mathematics,

by Katherine Safford-Ramus.

Philadelphia. PA, Xlibris Corporation.


ISBN: 978-1-4363-5120-1.

Paperback, 186 pages.

Unlatching the Gate by Katherine Safford-Ramus was originally conceived to reach adult education and postsecondary mathematics instructors who teach math to adults in the United States. The author's goal in this book is to fill the "research-into-practice void" that she believes exists on the intersections of educational psychology, adult education, and math education. This book is based upon twenty-five years of research and personal experience.

The first chapter addresses the diversity of both adult learners and adult educators. The author cites the legal, social, and moral definitions of adulthood and describes the variety of settings in which adults learn. Chapter two gives a brief history of the evolution of human learning theory and demonstrates how each theory has impacted mathematics education. In chapter three, Safford-Ramus addresses the question "What is an adult and how does adult learning differ from the learning of children?" She presents research on the multiple levels of the humanist perspective of adult learning and also discusses the findings from studies on student and teacher perspectives in that area.

The author uses chapter four to explain the core principles and guidelines that are currently implemented in mathematics education. She lists the pertinent issues that arise in the classroom such as developing problem-solving skills, teaching for understanding rather than rote skills, assessment and technology. Safford-Ramus also cites the research that has addressed math anxiety among adults and how it can be alleviated. In chapter five, the author addresses controlling "... …

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