Academic journal article Afterimage


Academic journal article Afterimage


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Adventures of Perception: Cinema as Exploration, by Scott MacDonald. University of California Press/427 pp./$29.95 (sb).

All About Almodovar: A Passion for Cinema, edited by Brad Epps and Despina Kakoudaki. University of Minnesota Press/496 pp./$24.95 (sb).

Beauty, by Roger Scruton. Oxford University Press/223 pp./$19.95 (hb).

Beyond the Subtitle: Remapping European Art Cinema, by Mark Betz. University of Minnesota Press/350 pp./$25.00 (sb).

Bioethics in the Age of New Media, by Joanna Zylinska. The MIT Press/230 pp./$30.00 (hb).

Camera Obtrusa: The Action Documentaries of Hara Kazuo, by Hara Kazuo. Kaya Press/379 pp./$22.95 (sb).

Cinema of Sally Potter: A Politics of Love, by Sophie Mayer. From the Directors' Cuts series, Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press/256 pp./$25.00 (sb).

Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy, by Paisley Livingston. Oxford University Press/215 pp./$55.00 (hb).

Counter Culture: The American Coffee Shop Waitress, by Candacy A. Taylor. ILR Press/Cornell University Press/142 pp./$19.95 (sb).

Cracked Media: The Sound of Malfunction, by Caleb Kelly. The MIT Press/388 pp./$24.95 (hb).

Crisis and Capitalism in Contemporary Argentine Cinema, by Joanna Page. Duke University Press/233 pp./$22.95 (sb).

Critical Play: Radical Game Design, by Mary Flanagan. The MIT Press/353 pp./$29.95 (hb).

The DADA Cyborg: Visions of the New Human in Weimar Berlin, by Matthew Biro. University of Minnesota Press/318 pp./$29.50 (sb).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, edited by Christopher Grau. From Philosophers on Film series, Routledge/160 pp./$27.95 (sb).

Exilee and Temps Morts: Selected Works, by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. University of California Press/277 pp./$24.95 (sb).

Falling in Love with Statues: Artificial Humans from Pygmalian to the Present, by George I.. Hersey. The University of Chicago Press/188 pp./$40.00 (hb).

Film World: The Directors' Interviews, by Michel Ciment, translated by Julie Rose. Berg/Palgrave Macmillan/372 pp./$34.95 (sb).

Gustav Deutsch, edited by Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg and Michael Loebenstein. Wallflower Press/Columbia University Press/252 pp./$27.50 (sb).

Imagining Science: Art Science and Social Change, edited by Sean Caulfield and Timothy Caulfield. The University of Alberta Press/105 pp. …

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