The Dickens Quarterly Checklist

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Primary Texts

A Christmas Carol. New York: Chartwell Books, 2009. ISBN: 0785825177.

--. London, Vintage Classic, 2009. ISBN: 0099529734.

The Complete Christmas Stories of Charles Dickens. Lawrence, KS: Digireads, 2009. ISBN: 1420932748.

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Great Expectations. Cherango Forks, NY: Wild Jot P, 2009. ISBN: 0979194016.

Hard Times. London: Arrow, 2009. ISBN: 0099533448.

--. London: Vintage Classic, 2009. ISBN: 0099518929.

The Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1, 1833-1856. Newcastle, UK: CSP Classic Texts, 2009. ISBN: 1847188818.

The Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 2, 1857-1870. Newcastle, UK: CSP Classic Texts, 2009. ISBN: 1847188826.

The Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 3, 1836-1870. Newcastle, UK: CSP Classic Texts, 2009. ISBN: 1847188834.

The Old Curiosity Shop. London: Arrow, 2009. ISBN: 0099533472.

Oliver Twist. London: Arrow, 2009. ISBN: 0099533464.

On London. Ed. Peter Orford. London: Hesperus, 2009. ISBN: 1843916150.

The Pickwick Papers. London: Vintage Classic, 2009. ISBN: 0099518880.

The Prompt Copy of A Christmas Carol. Delray Beach, FL: Levenger P, 2009. ISBN: 9781929154395.

Secondary Texts

Alexander, Sarah C. "A Tale of Two Dandies: Gore, Dickens, and the 'Social Fork' Novel."

Women's Writing 16.2 (Aug. 2009): 283--300.

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Dickens Quarterly 26.4 (Dec. 2009). [Contents: Gareth Cordery, "Quilp, Commerce and Domesticity: Crossing Boundaries in The Old Curiosity Shop": 209-33; Paola Venturi, "David Copperfield Conscripted: Italian Translations of the Novel": 234-47; Jerome Meckier, "GreatExpectations, 'a good name?'": 248--58; Margaret Flanders Darby (Rev. Elizabeth Bridgham, Spaces of the Sacred and Profane: Dickens, Trollope, and the Victorian Cathedral Town, 2008): 259--61; Sara Thornton (Rev. Alain Jumeau and Annie Escuret, eds., Hommage a SylvereMonod, 2007): 261--64; Matthew Rubery (Rev. Sara Thornton, Advertising, Subjectivity, and the Nineteenth-Century Novel: Dickens, Balzac, and the Language of the Walls, 2009): 264--67; Elizabeth Bridgham (Rev. Dan Simmons, Drood, 2009): 267--71; Elizabeth Bridgham, "The Dickens Quarterly Checklist": 280--84].

The Dickensian 105.3 (Winter 2009). [Contents: John Bowen, "John Dickens's Birth Announcements and Charles Dickens's Sisters":197--201; David Parker, "The Topicality of Pickwick Papers": 202--12; Robert D. Butterworth, "The Significance of Fagin's Jewishness": 213--24; Angus Easson and Margaret Brown, "The Letters of Charles Dickens: Supplement XIII": 225--39; Letter to the Editor: 240; Michael Slater (Rev. Rosemary Bodenheimer, Knowing Dickens, 2007): 242--44; Dominic Rainsford (Rev. Alain Jumeau and Annie Escuret, eds., Hommage a Sylvere Monod, 2007): 244--46; Louis James (Rev. Jan Alber and Frank Lauterbach, eds., Stones of Law, Bricks of Shame: Narrating Imprisonment in the Victorian Age, 2009; and Antony E. …


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