Corrigenda for JEBS 10

Article excerpt

Hilmo, Maidie. "'The Clerk's Unscholarly Bow': Seeing and Reading Chaucer's Clerk from the Ellesmere MS to Caxton." Journal of the Early Book Society 10 (2007): 71-105.

Dates for the Ellesmere MS are incorrectly cited as "c. 1500-1510" in captions for fi gures 1, 2, 3. They should be dated 1400-1410.

Mosser, Daniel W. "Dating the Manuscripts of the 'Hammond Scribe': What the Paper Evidence Tells Us." Journal of the Early Book Society 10 (2007): 31-70.

The text of note 4 should read as follows:

4. Julia Boffey and A. S. G. Edwards, A New Index of Middle English Verse (London: British Library, 2005), no. 663 (hereafter NIMEV); Doyle, "An Unrecognized Piece of Piers the Ploughman's Creed" (facsimile of folio 3r); H. Wanley, et al., Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts in the British Museum (London: Record Commission, 1808-1812), I:20-21. For John Stow's ownership of and commentary in this and other Middle English MSS, see A. S. G. Edwards, "John Stow and Middle English Literature," in Ian Gadd and Alexandra Gillespie, eds., John Stow (1525-1605) and the Making of the English Past (London: British Library, 2004), 109-118.

Rice, Nicole. "Profi table Devotions: Bodley MS 423, Guildhall MS 7114, and a Sixteenth-Century London Pewterer." Journal of the Early Book Society 10 (2007): 175-183.

Some endnotes for which callout numbers appear in the text were omitted, as follows:

20. The continuity of these discourses is apparent from the different oath 20. formulae that were copied into the volume. The earliest oath of membership in the pewterers' craft, written on fol. 9v in the same hand that records Robert Chamberlain's donation, mandates that all members "kepe to 3owre powere well and trewly all the good rewlys of peutrere3 crafte which ben enrolled in the Guyld halle of London, and alle be good counseles of the seyde crafte, and none of hem distroie but if it be to the worschip of the crafte. And also ye shall worshep owre bretheren of the peutrere3 which ben be bretheren of oure lady, and socoure and helpe in euery place, so it be not hynderyng to 3owre selfe ne to 3oure worschep, so helpe 3ou God and holy dam and by bis bok. …


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