2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipient-Thomas B. Flaherty

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Purpose of Award

SCUP's Distinguished Service Award recognizes exceptional contributions to the activities and success of SCUP. Recipients are nominated and selected on the basis of their contributions to SCUP, length of service, and commitment to its purposes, goals, and activities. This award began in 1989.

Previous Award Recipients

Joan Racki, Calvert W. Audrain, J. Thomas Bowen, Richard A. Rigterink, The University of Delaware, James L. Murdock, Trudis Heinecke, Brian Nedwek, Rodney Rose, the Space Management Workshop Team: Clinton N. Hewitt, O. Robert Simha, William R. Tibbs, Elizabeth Anderson, Richard Franz, Margaret M. McDermott, Joanne D. Cate; Daniel K. Paulien, Helen Giles-Gee, David E. Hollowell, John A. Dunn, Ira Fink, Donald M. Norris, Haskin R. Pounds, Marilyn McCoy, The University of Michigan, Marvin W. Peterson, Raymond M. Haas and Jeffrey Holmes.

Thomas B. Flaherty is the SCUP 2009 Distinguished Service Award Recipient. His colleagues say he is one of those rare members who is not just "in" SCUP but is "of" SCUP He joined SCUP over 20 years ago and began his service at the regional level, where he was membership contact, conference chair, regional representative, and at-large member. He pioneered the first SCUP regional website while serving as regional communications coordinator.

He later served as SCUP's president in 2003-04 and he oversaw significant strategic planning activity that transformed the organizational structure of the society. …


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