Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Education

Awakening to Soma Heliakon: Encountering Teacher-Researcher-Learning in the Twenty-First Century

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Education

Awakening to Soma Heliakon: Encountering Teacher-Researcher-Learning in the Twenty-First Century

Article excerpt

As two teacher educators and researchers, we explored dimensions of instructional practice in teacher education through online forums. In the course of this research, we drew upon our online interactivity as the basis for reflexive inquiry. Analysis entailed coding key themes to create a four-part rendering involving a hyperlinked poem, a video, a parallaxic praxis research model, and a tagcloud. Interpreting experience through integrated multimedia examples potentially increases learning engagement and provides insights to our belief that teacher education must be deeply mindful, reflective, and interconnected to living.

Key words: teacher education, reflexive inquiry, poetic inquiry, parallaxic praxis

Les auteures, deux didacticiennes et chercheuses, l'une a la Washington State University et l'autre a l'University of British Columbia, ont explore diverses facettes des methodes utilisees dans la formation a l'enseignement a l'aide de forums de discussion. Au cours de cette recherche, elles se sont appuyees sur leur interactivite en ligne pour nourrir leurs reflexions. Leur analyse comportait le codage des principaux themes en vue de creer une representation quadripartite : poeme hyperlie, video, modele de recherche axe sur la parallaxe et nuage de mots cles. L'interpretation des experiences a travers des exemples de multimedia peut favoriser l'implication dans rapprentissage et s'inscrit dans le droit fil d'une formation a l'enseignement qui, selon les auteures, doit faire place a la reflexion et etre branchee sur la vie.

Mots cles : formation a l'enseignement, analyse reflexive, analyse poetique, parallaxe.


We began a journey of dialogic inquiry a year ago, weaving together a responsive, intuitive, and spontaneous sharing of ideas as teacher-researchers, extending conversations that began in our doctoral program and continue today, transcending physical distance through the immediacy of online connectivity, in email, Skype, and social networking forums. Through virtual conversations concerning learning and living, we came to new understandings about the transformative process of becoming and being teacher-researchers, including how we experienced teaching teachers, and how we perceived incumbent teachers to experience our teaching. At the core of our exchanges reside the changing dynamics of teacher induction, the notions, values, and beliefs guiding teachers of tomorrow, and our rationale for making curricular decisions to challenge and cultivate the role of teachers as life-long learners and learning professionals. In the course of dialoguing, we mapped ourselves into teacher education through themes of struggles, complexities, and joys in the nexus of theory and praxis, coming to a greater appreciation for the future of teacher education as interconnectedness, where practice is a path to mindfulness.

Drawing on our extensive conversations as a source of knowing and as a method of inquiry, we deconstructed our e-letters, coding and collecting salient phrases and aspects that continued to resonate in relation to teacher education. The essence of our dialogic inquiry evolved into two interconnected artful expressions of a poem (Part 1), and video (Part 2). "To Soma Heliakon" is a poem written from these assembled phrases, copied verbatim from our writing, rendered in a weaving strand formation to symbolize how phrases link together across conversations about teacher education, and at the same time, serve to demonstrate how we make meaning through virtual nodes, drawing on intellectual relationships that influence our thinking, moving and writing as an active process of teacher-researcher reflection. The form also reiterates our content--our belief that deep learning is not on a straight direct path toward a test, but that transformative realization comes through tangential experience, where learning, metaphorically, is like the frays of a twisted rope that are hyperlinked to expected goals and intentions. …

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