A Vision of the Next Three Years for the Journal of Humanistic Counseling, Education and Development

Article excerpt

This journal has a long history that predates the American Counseling Association (ACA) and has undergone numerous iterations over the years. Originally published in 1931, the journal was devoted to issues concerning personnel workers (i.e., counselors) involved in teacher training (Allen, 1962). In 1952, when the journal's association (then the Student Personnel Association for Teacher Education) joined with three other organizations to form the American Personnel and Guidance Association (later ACA [Kaplan, 2002]), the journal's mission changed to focus on humanistic issues in counseling, education, and human development.

These humanistic issues have been reflected in the journal's eclectic content over the years as this journal has been at the forefront of conversations about important counseling topics. In the past 30 years, topics such as multiculturalism, lesbian and gay issues, wellness, counselor impairment, creative counseling techniques, and strengths-based counseling have been addressed in articles and special issues devoted to the emergent counseling topography. In addition, articles that bring new models and philosophies, in addition to research, have been highlighted for the professional development of all counselors. Editors such as Richard L. Hayes, E. H. Mike Robinson III, Roger D. Herring, Richard J. Hazler, A. Scott McGowan, and Mark B. Scholl, partnered with the leaders in the counseling profession who have served on the Editorial Board, have refined the journal as a source of professional development, renewal, and reflection.

Nevertheless, in the ebb and flow of professional ideas, the foundation of the journal has been, and will remain, grounded in humanism. Authors such as James T. Hansen (2005) and Mark B. Scholl (2008) continue to refine our understanding and application of humanistic principles in philosophy, research, and practice, and humanism will continue to guide the editorial direction of this journal.

So what will my tenure bring to the journal? My focus is on the quality of the articles we publish. First, it is my hope that articles will continue to reflect the highest quality for research (qualitative and quantitative), innovative practice, position papers, and literature reviews. …


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