Academic journal article Journal of Instructional Psychology

The Differentiation Conditions for the Reasons of Stress in Teachers Candidates According to Their Branches and Departments

Academic journal article Journal of Instructional Psychology

The Differentiation Conditions for the Reasons of Stress in Teachers Candidates According to Their Branches and Departments

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The aim of this study is to find out whether the reasons of stress resulting from the examination which is necessary to be appointed differentiate according to the branches and the aspect of them if they differentiate. In this study, the effect of the examination stress factors of the senior students at Dumlupmar University at the aspect of gender and departments. The sampling of the survey is composed of 120 senior students studying at three different departments of DPU Education Faculty in 2007-2008 academic year. The data was collected by using the examination stress oriented survey prepared by the researcher. It has been found from the findings of the study that occupation oriented job finding, knowing what to after graduation and finding a well paid job items, which are some of the main reasons for triggering examination stress of the senior students of DPU Education Faculty for being appointed to the profession, differentiated the most negative on was seen on the students of social science teacher. Because appointments in the country from this field is very few. It has not been found a meaningful difference between gender and examination stress.

Key Words: Teacher candidates, employment policies, professional examination stress, department/branch


According to the 43rd item of 1739 numbered National Education Basic Law; profession of teaching is defined as a specialized vocation that takes the responsibility of education and instruction and management duties related to them given by the state. The main expectation of the state from the teachers is getting undergraduate and graduate degree according to their branches (Teklsik, Karabiyik, 1999).

Employing teachers has been hold with different employment policies since the date profession of teaching was seen as a job that requires specialization. Today governments are suffering from employment problems especially in employing the teachers. There are 85 education faculty in Turkey. The number of teachers graduated from these faculties is over the number to be employed (Akytiz, 1987, Altmok, 1999, Buyukkaragrz, 1998, Dilaver, 1996). So the problem is supply and demand problem. Throughout the years the gap between the number of the graduated teachers and the number of the teachers to be employed has increased. For instance, at the end of the 2007 appointment period, the number of the teachers expecting to be appointed was over 180.000. ( The problems resulting from employment policies depend on the grades of the teachers at professional appointment examination. This necessary causes a competition between teachers and most of the time it replaces with professional stress.

The word stress comes from Latin "estrictia". Today it is used for the objects, people and psychological states with the meanings like power, pressure, difficult. In short, it is any situation that creates extremely psychological pressures on individuals according to the individual differences and psychological processes (Pehlivan, 2002, Artan, 1986, Ellez, 2003).

Particularly examination stress that creates professional stress could be one of the main reasons that negatively affects the students' psychology. If these negative effects cannot be prevented the mental health of the students will deteriorate or psychosomatic disorders can occur. In the societies getting more complex and having fast changing process growing up the new generations properly for their future lives has become difficult and education has become inadequate in achieving it (Kilicci, 2000, Ozguven, 1992, Aydm and Mamoglu, 2001). This means that the possibility of the people to be the future's teachers who experience this stress will experience many negative situations throughout their professions. The graduation of the students means that it is the starting point of being jobless or business life. Professional appointment, plans for real life, experienced friendships, fear of unemployment, and various responsibilities are some leading effects for examination stress (Akbag, 2000, Unal and Ummet, 2005, Gok, 1995, Cakmak and Hevedanli, 2005, Saban, Korkmaz, Akbasli, 2004). …

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