Academic journal article Nine

Diamond Quotes

Academic journal article Nine

Diamond Quotes

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"Baseball fans are among our leading exponents of the art-for-art's-sake school of criticism--to them the art of baseball is a thing in itself and sufficient unto itself."


"I have never known a day when I didn't learn something new about this game."


"Baseball has stood for loyalty to the verities, memories of innocence, patience with ritual; surely no one who cared about baseball could be an opportunist at heart."


"It is the best of all games for me. It frequently escapes from the pattern of sport and assumes the form of a virile ballet. It is purer than any dance because the actions of the players are not governed by music or crowded into a formula by a director. The movement is natural and unrehearsed and controlled only by the unexpected flight of the ball."


"No one can stop a home run. No one can understand what it really is, unless you have felt it in your own hands and body. As the ball makes its high, long are beyond the playing field, the diamond and the stands suddenly belong to one man. In that brief, brief time, you are free of all demands and complications. …

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