Academic journal article Notes

Index to Volume 66: September 2009 through June 2010

Academic journal article Notes

Index to Volume 66: September 2009 through June 2010

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Personal names are identified as author (a), composer (c), editor (e), performer (p), reviewer (r), or translator (t); names not so identified are subject entries. Titles of articles published in Notes are contained in quotation marks; titles of reviewed books, compositions, sound recordings, videos and electronic media are italicized. Series titles are entered only under the following headings: Books in series; Scores in series; Complete and collected editions; and Historical sets and monuments of music. Entries are alphabetized word-by-word.

About Bach, 297-300

Adams, John, c 628-29

Adams, Michael, "Ken Russell: Musical Mythmaker," 143-63; r 647-48

Adams, Peter H., a 579-81

Adams, Sarah, r 801-3

Adkins, Mary Rose, r 632

Adler, Guido, 62-64

Admeto re di Tessaglia (Handel: DVD), 621-22

The Adventures of Pinocchio (Dove: DVD), 629-30

"African Musicology: A Bibliographical Guide to Nigerian Art Music (1927-2009)"(Sadoh), 485-502

Agawu, Kofi, a 64-67; r 275-77

Aguado Sanchez, Ester, a 533-35

Ahrens, Christian, a 91-94

Alamire, p 394

Albeniz, Isaac, 533-35

Alfonso und Estrella (Schubert: DVD), 623-24

Almen, Byron, a 275-77

Alvarez, Marcelo, p 624-25

Alwyn, William, biography, 321-23

American Composer Zenobia Powell Perry (Pool), 313-16

American Muse (Polisi), 311-13

"The American Orchestra as Patron and Presenter, 1945-Present: A Selective Discography" (Mauskapf), 381-93

Amor, Vida de Mi Vida (DVD), 646

Amphion Wind Octet, p 394-95

Amphitryon (Kraus: CD), 394-95

Andersen, Leslie, "Video Reviews," 143-63, 621-55

Anderson, Gillian, e 604-5

Anderson, Rick, "Sound Recording Reviews," 381-98, 840-56

Angeli, Paolo, c p 853

Anhaltische Philharmonie Dessau, p 625-26

An Annotated Index to Selected Articles from The Musical Courier, 1880-1940 (Adams), 579-81

Appalachian State University/Eury Appalachian Collection, Tucker collection, 54-55

Arbors All Stars, p 396-97

architecture, and music, 308-11

arias, 164-66, 857-62

Arman, Howard, p 621-22

Arnold Schoenberg Choir, p 623-24

The Art of French Piano Music (Howat), 789-91

Art Song Composers of Spain (Draayer), 794-96

Artemis Quartet, p 635-36

Ashenfelder, Michael, 651-53

The Ashgate Research Companion to Japanese Music, 572-75

At the Haunted End of Day (DVD), 638-39

Atkinson, Charles M., a 549-51 awards, grants, prizes, 52-54, 271-73, 745-47

Ayotte, Benjamin M., r 634-35

Bacelli, Monica, p 622-23

Bach, Johann Sebastian, 297-300, 544-46

Bach, Mechtild, p 621-22

The Bad Tempered Consort (CD), 851

Ballengee, Christopher L., r 649-50

The Ballet Collaborations of Richard Strauss (Heisler), 796-99

ballets, 626-27

Bang on a Can All-Stars, p 632-34

Bar, Olaf, p 623-24

Baranello, Micaela, r 641-43

Barnett, Gregory, a 301-3

Bashford, Christina, r 399-402

Bauman, Thomas, r 278-79

Bayer, Gerd, e 773-74

Beethoven, Ludwig van, 546-49; c 635-36

Belfer Audio Archive/Syracuse University Library. digitization of cylinder recordings, 57-58

Benitez, Vincent, r 524-27

Bent, Margaret, a 656-60

Bernstein, Leonard, biography, 762-64; Web site, 56-57

Betz, Marianne, e 399-402

bibliographies: motets, 832-34; Nigerian art music, 485-502; orchestral music, 377-80; orchestral "pops" music, 100-1; violoncello music, 98-100

Bibliotheque nationale de France, Ms. Res. Vmc MS57, 7-35

Bickley, Tom, r 766-68

Billie Holiday (DVD), 647

Binder, Carl, c 637-38

biographies: Alwyn, 321-23; Bernstein, 762-64; Cardew, 766-68; Dahl, 760-62; Haydn, 749-50; Huerta, 857-62; Myslivecek, 784-86; Perry, 313-16; Polignac, 786-89; Prokofiev, 303-8; Schifrin, 318-21; Schuman, 311-13; Sessions, 528-30; Severac, 290-93; Walker, 758-60; Zorn, 316-18

The Birth of the Cool of Miles Davis and His Associates (Tirro), 567-70

Birtwistle, Harrison, c 627-28

Bishop, Dyann S. …

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