Academic journal article International Journal of Business and Management Science

Ethics and Decision Making in Publishing Journal: Issues to Be Taken into Account

Academic journal article International Journal of Business and Management Science

Ethics and Decision Making in Publishing Journal: Issues to Be Taken into Account

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Brief Justification of Publishing IJBMS

One of the most prioritized questions of publishing a new journal in the almost similar fields covered by many other journals warrants certainly some clarification which needs to be addressed in the inaugural issue. A very straight response to this query is promoting business and management science in the country as well as in the region. The unique aim of IJBMS is to focus on quantitative aspects of business and management research. The contribution by China, India and Southeast Asian region to the global economy stimulates a curiosity of how the business and management problems are dealt by the entrepreneurs, business studies researchers and policy makers in the 21st century. Besides, the emergence of global networking among the business entities and incorporation of modern management tools strengthens the view of global business system. We have envisioned a future for IJBMS to surrogate the research works that centre around business and management problems of this century with a quantitative view. In this inaugural issue we have become a bit lineal in terms of accepting manuscripts irrespective of quantitative approach to enhance IJBMS's reach to general contributors.

We started working officially in Nov, 2007 and have been able to publish the inaugural issue by June, 2008. Within this few months every bit of time has been utilized efficiently. Furthermore a key strategy that facilitated us to get the work done in shorter time was the intensive use of ICT. IJBMS completely used ICT for each of its communication including call for papers, submission, review and so on. IJBMS's website and web documentation quickened our effort certainly a few times more than a traditional approach. As an additional responsibility I had the opportunity to develop and maintain the website of IJBMS. I attempted to utilize that opportunity as much as possible.

Ethical Issues: Author's Front

Journal publication is closely tied up with several ethical and legal issues. There are various issues with regards to ethical attitude of an author such as plagiarism, authorship, multiple submissions of similar paper, submission with minor change in a published topic, dishonest intension of enriching publication record and PR-PR dilemma. Let me start with the plagiarism issue.

Plagiarism and consequences

While I was editing the international Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship (ISSN 1823-3538) I experienced often texoplagiarism (A word that is combined of two words 'text' and 'plagiarism' which mean plagiarizing mainly texts) in submitted manuscripts. In dealing with texoplagiarism, first of all an editor or reviewer requires to have tools for detection. Detecting texoplagiarism is really difficult out of millions of web documents; fortunately there are services that can be used to detect plagiarized text of which some are free web-based services.

Penalizing authors for plagiarism is not a proper way to cure the "Texoplagiarism Syndrome" or 'TS' (an acute habit of plagiarism) because sometimes they are not aware enough to realize that such a misconduct is erosive to their professional reputation. Once plagiarism it detected what the immediate action should be--should the author be black listed or be motivated to avoid this misconduct along with warnings? Publishing in journal is surely a mature attempt by individuals knowing all its pros and cons; thus, detection of plagiarism in any manuscript should be warned strongly not to repeat in the future and given a chance of resubmission with rectification. If author fails to follow the consequence of plagiarism and continues doing so, a submission can be rejected and the respective author(s) can be banned for a new submission to the respective journal. Authors must understand the consequences of plagiarism as if they don't practice it and become more innovative and creative.


Authorship is a debatable issue among the researchers and academics or whoever publishes paper in journal. …

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