National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) 2010 Standards

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The NASP Standards Revision Task Force is pleased to announce that the NASP 2010 Standards were unanimously approved by the NASP Delegate Assembly on March 5, 2010. The NASP 2010 Standards consist of four separate documents: (a) Graduate Preparation Standards (formerly Training and Field Placement Programs in School Psychology), (b) Credentialing Standards, (c) Principles for Professional Ethics, and (d) Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services (formerly Guidelines for the Provision of School Psychological Services). Printed in this issue are Principles for Professional Ethics and the Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services. All four of the documents are available on the NASP Web site:

Acknowledgment of NASP Standards Revision Task Force Members

The members of the Writing Teams who have contributed to the revision process include the following:

* Patti Harrison

* Joe Prus

* Enedina Vasquez

* Virginia Harvey-Smith

* Michael Curtis

* Rhonda Armistead

* Sarah Valley-Gray

* Joan Bohmann

* Sawyer Hunley

* Diane Smallwood

* Barbara Fischetti

* Joe Kovaleski

* Leigh Armistead

* Susan Jacobs

* Barbara Bole Williams, Task Force Chair

The members of the Development Group included:

Graduate Preparation

* Hee Sook Choi

* Carol Robinson-Zanartu

* Eric Robinson

* Tania Thomas Presswood

* Janine Jones

* Bonnie Nastasi

* Brian Leung


* Kathy McNamara

* Fred Provenzano

* Nichole Dailor

* Max McFarland

* Phil Bowser

* Mark Roth

* David Shriberg

* Juliette Madigan

* Monica Murray

* Shirley Pitts


* Kelly Humphreys

* Brian Bartels

* Brent Duncan

* Tony Wu

* Julie Staresnick

* Veronica Gorguerio

* Julie Rabatsky

* Jean Ramage

* Elvina Charley

* Dede Bailer

Practice Model

* Alnita Dunn

* Amelia Van Name Larson

* Chris Willis

* Mat Lau

* Liliana Isoe

* Rocky Martinez

* Jeanne Pound

* Mary DuHoux

* Don Blagg

* Sonja Shannon

Additional members of the Development Group and the organizations they represented:

* Elaine Clark--Division 16 of the American Psychological Association

* Dan Olympia--Trainers of School Psychologists

* Kathy Bradley-Klug--Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs

* Judith Kaufman--American Academy of School Psychology

* Clifford Hatt--American Board of School Psychology

* LeAdelle Phelps--Society for the Study of School Psychology

Correspondence regarding this article should be addressed to Barbara Bole Williams, Rowan University, Education Hall, 201 Mullica Hill Rd. …


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