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NBER Conference in Beijing

Academic journal article NBER Reporter

NBER Conference in Beijing

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The twelfth annual NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy took place at the China Center for Economic Research (CCER) in Beijing on June 26-28, 2010. The conference program was jointly arranged by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the CCER at Beijing University, and Tsinghua University. After opening remarks by U.S. organizer Shang-Jin Wei of NBER and Columbia University, Yang Yao of CCER, and Chong-En Bai of Tsinghua University, the following topics were discussed:

Macroeconomics in China and the United States

* Feng Lu, CCER, "Macroeconomic issues in China"

* Simon Johnson, NBER and MIT, "The Financial Oligarchy in the United States"

Exchange Rates and Economic imbalances

* Kenneth D. West, NBER and University of Wisconsin, Madison, "Exchange rate Economics"

* Yang Yao, "Manufacturing-Finance Comparative Advantage and Chinas Trade Surplus"

* Binzheng Wu, Tsinghua University, "Income Inequality, Status Seeking, and Consumption"

* Chong-En Bai, "Declining Share of Household Income in China"

* Shang-Jin Wei, "Global Imbalances and 'Undervalued' Currency"

* Binkai Chen, CUFE, "The Cursed Virtue--Infrastructural Investment and Household Consumption in China"

Entrepreneurship and Capital Allocation

* Erik Hurst, NBER and University of Chicago, "Entrepreneurship"

* Ping He, Tsinghua University, "Capital Allocation and Operation Efficiency in China"

Banking and Consumer Finance

* Peter Tufano, NBER and Harvard University, "Consumer Finance"

* Yah Shen, CCER, "Financial Sector Efficiency and Lending Behavior in China"

Consumer Credit and Regional Governments

* Jonathan D. …

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