Academic journal article Education

A Qualitative Research on the Teaching Strategies and Class Applications of the High School Teachers Who Teach English in Turkey as a Foreign Language

Academic journal article Education

A Qualitative Research on the Teaching Strategies and Class Applications of the High School Teachers Who Teach English in Turkey as a Foreign Language

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The first and the most important thing to do in language education and teaching is to evoke interest, desire and positive attitude in the students towards the target language. The viewpoint that is to be given to the students on the importance of the foreign language learning will directly affect the efficiency of the teachers in the language teaching activities. The teachers who have taught their students the importance of learning a foreign language will be more advantageous than the other teachers in terms of continuing their activities in accordance with the objectives. The continuance of the learning and teaching process in accordance with the objectives is dependent on the outlook, knowledge accumulation and occupational experience of the teacher. The teachers who make a good communication with their students; prepare their materials to be used beforehand; and act more professionally in determining the strategies, methods and techniques to be used are the ones who can perform their occupations consciously. With this understanding, the teachers who give importance to the physical infrastructure of the classroom and make the learning environment interesting for the students will be able to achieve their goals in a short time.

The strategies which determine the methods and techniques to be used by the teachers in the class activities affect the success of the language teaching activities and accordingly the efficiency in education. There are basic principles which can assist to the strategy development, methods and techniques application studies in foreign language teaching. These principles can be listed as follows:

* Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills must be taught together when teaching to use the language as a communication tool.

* The visual and auditory tools make the teaching more effective in foreign language teaching. They attract the attention of the students to the lesson; create dialog environments for the students to use the learned language more effectively; and assist in forming the natural environment in the classroom.

* Using the mother language in the classroom must not be a taboo. It must be used when necessary, but the students must hear and use the learned language more in the foreign language lessons.

* How the information taught in the classroom is used in the daily communication must be showed to the students. In order for the class learning to become permanent, the examples must be given from daily life, and students must be given the opportunity to use what they learned.

* Individual differences must be taken into account (Demirel, 1993, p. 23-27).

* Before starting each lesson, the students must be informed on the objectives about what will be learned in that lesson, and they must be motivated for learning.

The most important factors that guide the learning and teaching process and enable the students to gain acquisitions in accordance with the determined goals are the class and non-class applications. The application pattern emerges with the approaches, methods, techniques and tactics which are followed in the process. The approach (strategy) is actualized with the methods, and the methods are actualized with the techniques and tactics. The strategy is existent between the methods and techniques. According to this hierarchical order, there is a relationship in which the techniques actualize a method and this method is consistent in accordance with an approach (Richards and Rodgers, 1986, p. 14-30).

The learning patterns formed by using the methods and techniques which are appropriate to the preferred strategy create an environment for the learning of different student masses. Forming skill earning environments for the acquisitions by using different approaches, methods and techniques, and presenting different learning styles for the students who have different features is also important for the equal opportunity in education. …

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