Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Negative Advertising Hurts All Banks

Academic journal article ABA Banking Journal

Negative Advertising Hurts All Banks

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Just about this time last month we finally came to the end of what the news media called a "withering" campaign. TV and radio were filled with negative advertising. In the eyes of some observers it was "the most negative campaign in recent history."

Bankers know what it's like to be on the wrong end of negative advertising--especially when it seems the whole world is angry at us. We faced that some months ago when those berating Wall Street took out after "banks" and "bankers." It amounted to a devastating and very costly attack on our industry.

That's why I find it so distressing that there are some banks that engage in negative advertising--attack ads, if you will--against their competition.

Some of the issues we face are challenging to fix--bad legislation and negative media coverage, to name two. But there's one thing that's harmful to banking that can be easily remedied--negative ads that banks run against other banks.

One of my goals as your chairman is to improve the image of our industry.

We can't do that if bankers engage in negative advertising against the competition.

Think about it from the consumer's point of view. Public confidence in our industry is already at a historic low. When one bank attacks another, it just makes matters worse.

Negative advertising hurts every bank, not just the one at which it is aimed.

We're all proud of our own bank and want to differentiate ourselves from the competition. But when one bank engages in negative advertising against another, the consumer won't remember which bank is the good one. …

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