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Try This Tops Idea!

Academic journal article Science Scope

Try This Tops Idea!

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...adapted from FOCUSPOCUS #42 Water drop microscope by TOPS Learning Systems

1. Cut a disk of plastic as big as a quarter. Make a hole in the middle with a paper punch.

2. Tape a clothespin on top of a bottle. Clamp your disk in its jaws.

3. Apply a water film to the hole with a wet finger and an eyedropper. Add more water to form a hanging drop.


4. Fix a down-curved index card on another bottle with rolled tape. Mount a sample of a full-color magazine ad near one end.

5. Slide the ad under the water lens until you see colored dots in perfect focus.


To build a suspension-drop microscope. To observe 4-color printing as a matrix of yellow, blue, red and black dots.


Photocopy the lab above for each student or team.

Step 3. To create the film, rest a drop on a finger and touch it to the hole from below. To enlarge the lens, touch the film from above with the wet tip of a dropper. To reduce the lens, draw off water with a tissue.

Extra droplets that cling under the disk are no problem unless they connect with the hanging lens and pull it out-of-round. Remove those with a corner of dry tissue. Step 5. Sliding the specimen forward or back effectively moves the print image up and down. The clearest focus will be about 1 cm under the lens. …

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