Academic journal article The American Biology Teacher

Respiring Peas & Real-Time Data

Academic journal article The American Biology Teacher

Respiring Peas & Real-Time Data

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LABQUEST. 2008. Data-Collection Technology developed by Vernier Software and Technology. Visit for pricing and ordering or call 888-837-6437.

System Information

52 Sensors (oxygen sensor reviewed below)

Data Collection built in

51 Built-in Labs plus 400+ printed labs available for purchase

The Vernier LABQUEST offers students and teachers a one-touch data collection system for graphing and analysis. This handheld device features an easy-to-read 2" by 3" screen and can collect data from multiple sensors simultaneously. The handheld has a touch screen and external buttons for easy navigation. It has a rechargeable lithium battery that can remained charged for more than a class period. The uses for LABQUEST are broad; not only can it be used in college biology, but it can be adapted for use in elementary and middle school settings. In past Classroom Technology Reviews, Vernier equipment for physiology and biology imaging have been discussed. This review focuses on the utility of LABQUEST for collection of data in a cell respiration lab for a 100-level college biology course.

For this lab I followed the germinating pea experiment provided by Vernier in the Advance Biology Labs handbook (available for $45 from Vernier). The instructions for the lab are preloaded into the LABQUEST handheld device, but I found it was still a good idea for each student to have a physical copy of the lab during the class.

The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate to students that germinating peas produce oxygen while non-germinating peas do not, and also to test the relationship between temperature and respiration rate. Students seemed to like the handheld units and found it easy to connect the temperature and oxygen sensors to the unit for data collection. …

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