Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Education

Conceptual Clarity and Connections: Global Education and Teacher Candidates

Academic journal article Canadian Journal of Education

Conceptual Clarity and Connections: Global Education and Teacher Candidates

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In this article, we have explored the experiences of students in a teacher education programme designed to promote the effective teaching of global education. Research to date indicates that, although interest is high among teacher candidates, they often lack confidence in their abilities to bring global education into their future classrooms. By examining their understanding of global education, we explored whether the complexity and conceptual breadth of global education contributes to this lack of confidence. Although there are similarities between teacher candidates' understandings of global education and those supported by teacher education programmes, teacher candidates tend to view global education in broader, more vague terms. By limiting the broad concept of global education and encouraging a progressively more nuanced understanding, teacher education programmes can better assist teacher candidates to implement their understanding of global education with confidence.

Keywords: teacher education, global issues, development education, conceptual complexity

Les auteures se penchent sur la promotion de l'education planetaire dans un programme de formation a l'enseignement. Les donnees reunies jusqu'ici indiquent que, bien que les etudiants en pedagogie soient tres interesses par la question, ils ont souvent peu confiance dans leur aptitude a traiter de l'education planetaire dans leurs salles de classe futures. Les auteures se sont demande si la complexite et l'envergure de l'education planetaire contribuent a ce manque d'assurance ; pour ce faire, elles ont examine la conception qu'ont ces etudiants en pedagogie de l'education planetaire. Bien qu'il y ait des similitudes entre la comprehension de l'education planetaire chez les etudiants en pedagogie et dans les programmes de formation a l'enseignement, les futurs enseignants ont tendance a considerer l'education planetaire en des termes plus vastes et plus vagues. En circonscrivant le concept de l'education planetaire et en en favorisant peu a peu une comprehension plus nuancee, les programmes de formation a l'enseignement peuvent mieux aider les etudiants en pedagogie a transposer avec confiance leur conception de l'education planetaire dans leurs salles de classe futures.

Mots cles : formation a l'enseignement, dossiers mondiaux, education pour le developpement, complexite conceptuelle.


Conceptually, global education reaches broadly, allowing for depth and nuance, a terra that conjures up a rich diversity of values, meanings, and definitions. This conceptual complexity, however, leaves room for confusion and uncertainty, making a universal, consistent understanding of global education virtually unattainable. Pike (2000) cites conceptual complexity and accompanying lack of clarity as significant issues facing global education programmes. For educators committed to the proliferation of global education, this lack of conceptual clarity must be addressed directly to ensure that the meaning of global education does not become diluted, and potentially ineffective. Teacher candidates arrive at teacher education programmes with diverse backgrounds and experiences; therefore they have distinct understandings, misunderstandings, and even a lack of awareness of valueqaden concepts such as global issues. For global education programmes to connect with teacher candidates' knowledge and to be successfully implemented, programmes must be both conceptually clear and coherent.

In this article, we explore the experience of a teacher education programme to promote effective teaching of global education. The Project, Developing a Global Perspective for Educators/Developpement d'une perspective globale pour enseignants et enseignantes (DGPE/DPGEE), is a multifaceted initiative at the University of Ottawa, offering teacher candidates opportunities to explore global education through curricula, activities, and discussions. …

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