Academic journal article Woolf Studies Annual

103 Typed: April 28, 1938

Academic journal article Woolf Studies Annual

103 Typed: April 28, 1938

Article excerpt

McAllen, Texas

April 28, 1938

To Virginia Woolf,

Author of "Women Must weep".

c/o The Atlantic Monthly

Dear Remarkable Woman:

First, in my humble way I wish to thank you for this article. Being born a Quaker 68 years ago on an Ohio farm, it is easy to endorse your doctrine of Passivity at any Price, but I am sorry to say that finding none of this in this dogma-ridden world I have almost lost my belief in God or spirituality.

As I see it we are hopelessly enmeshed in the slimy folds of this anaconda of Greed and viciousness, that hourly reproduces itself in the sickening strife and jealousies of our modern life from the cradle to the grave.

I have but recently suffered a severe sick spell with an attack of heart trouble but had hoped to regain enough of my old strength to leave some kind of scar on the rotting body of our social system. I had that religious background and it has turned on me. Can I say in sincerity that God or Good Prevails, when facts laugh at faith?

I had hoped to rewrite in serial form that bible of mine, "Looking Backward," I hope you have read it and with your fine strong mind will catch the theme of Economic Salvation, a salvation that MUST come before the human race can shed its incisors for tearing human flesh, and its blood thirst bred of the demands of our entire social, or I should say our anti-social conception of life. …

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