Special Appreciation to the Reviewers of the Past 2010 Issues

Article excerpt

Our usual thanks to a host of reviewers was inadvertently left out of the Autumn 2010 issue, and we include their names now. We appreciate for these many volunteers, along with our Associate Editors, who, when they are able to, consistently assist in the review processes. Their expertise clearly maintains the quality of articles published each year. Also listed, and thanked, are our many book reviewers, who diligently read selected new books and gave their scholarly opinions for the Journal.

Baharuddin, Azizan Binti, Barker, Katie, Beaumont, Sherry L., Bhutalia, Urvashi, Borza, Ioana, Bratter, Jenifer L., Brown, Susan L., Brusentsev, Vera, Bryson, Stephanie Anne, Buchholz, Sandra, Campbell, Maxine, Campos, Belinda, Carrington, Peter, Carter-Black, Janet D., Cavenagh, Shannon E., Cole, Donald, Crawford, Duane, Danforth, Emily, De Santis, Carmela, Dodson, Jualynne E., Dreby, Joanna G., Faas, Daniel, Fan, Yu-Kang, Gandhi, Kanchan, Geist, Claudia, Ghorayshi, Parvin, Giudici, Francesco, Godley, Jenny, Goldscheider, Calvin, Grier, Beverly, Ha, Jung-Hwa, Halabi, Jehad, Hale, Michelle, Ho, Petula Sik-ying, Hoelter, Lynette, Hwang, Hyi Sung, Johnson, Nan E., Jones, Charles, Knight, Abigail, Knorr, Jacqueline, Leslie Jo Frazier, Leu, Janxin, Li-Barber, Kirsten, Lim, Soh Leong, MacInnes, Maryhelen D'Ottavi, Marie Evertsson, Martin, Steven P. …


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