Academic journal article The International Sports Law Journal

EL Code of Conduct on Sports Betting

Academic journal article The International Sports Law Journal

EL Code of Conduct on Sports Betting

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For the purpose of this code of conduct the following words shall have the meaning as defined hereby:

"European Lotteries": the "European Lotteries and Toto Association" is an independent European association composed of State Lottery and Toto companies established in Europe.

Gambling: all types of games, including lotteries and betting transactions, involving wagering a stake with monetary value in games in which participants may win, in full or in part, a monetary prize based, totally or partially, on chance or uncertainty of an outcome.

Sports betting: all sports betting-based games (i.e. fixed and running odds, totalisator/toto games, live betting, other games and football pools offered by sports betting operators, etc.) are included.

Sports: all physical human activities with specific rules, shared by a great number of participants, and involving competition among the different participants. Olympic sports, sports having as one's purpose to become Olympic sports and minor sports may be included in sports.

EL sports betting members: all members of "European Lotteries and Toto Association" involved in sports betting.

Regulator: local, regional or national authority giving explicit permission to operate one or various games on a specific territory or jurisdiction.

Official operator: organisation that has received explicit permission to operate one or various games on a specific territory or jurisdiction by a regulator or by the government.

FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association

UEFA: Union of European Football Associations

EL: European Lotteries.

WLA: World Lottery Association.

Sports betting personnel: all employees of EL sports betting members in contact with sports betting (e.g. odds compilers, product managers and risk managers involved in sports betting, head of sports betting)


Considering that seven important and basic elements unite the EL members operating sports betting:

- LAW: for EL sports betting members, an official operator abides by the law of each and every jurisdiction where he operates;

- REGULATION: for EL members, all games available to customers are in compliance with the regulatory authorisation issued in each country where such games are offered.

The supply is regulated in quantity so as not to stimulate gaming. The supply is regulated in intensity so as not to provoke addictive gaming. The supply is also regulated by taxation means;

- CONTROL: EL member's regulation is carried on by relevant State authorities, regulators and Government Audit Offices;

- ETHIC: EL members are driven by important ethical principles. For this reason, EL members operating sports betting will avoid any conflict of interest which could affect their mission;

- CUSTOMERS RESPECT: for EL members, players are not gamblers and betting addiction problems have to be avoided. EL sports betting members provide attractive games to a wide group of people betting reasonable stakes;

- SPORTS VALUES: EL members aim, in line with the European Sports policy, at serving grass root, amateur and professional sports without supporting excessive commercialisation. EL members fully respect sports integrity and values. EL members choose betting on sports events because they are fair and entertain the public, not for business purposes or without consideration to the risks they lead to;

- STAKEHOLDERS: EL sports betting members' shareholders are States or reputable organisations that care about their civil and public obligations and role in society in a financially transparent and socially responsible way. As they fulfil their mission to channel the betting desire and to limit the private profits made with gambling, they are proud, as a natural consequence, to contribute to the general interest and to fund good causes in society. …

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