Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

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Academic journal article The Journal of Southern History

The Association

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The 2010 Nominating Committee, consisting of Peter Kolchin, University of Delaware, chair; Cynthia Griggs Fleming, University of Tennessee; Merline Pitre, Texas Southern University; Constance B. Schulz, University of South Carolina, emerita; and Eric Walther, University of Houston, met at the annual meeting in Charlotte in November and made the following nominations:


David R. Goldfield, University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Lynda L. Crist, Papers of Jefferson Davis

Lacy K. Ford Jr., University of South Carolina

Elizabeth Hayes Turner, University of North Texas

David R. Goldfield is the Robert Lee Bailey Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Among his major publications are Urban Growth in the Age of Sectionalism: Virginia, 1847-1861 (Baton Rouge, 1977); Cotton Fields and Skyscrapers: Southern City and Region, 1607-1980 (Baton Rouge, 1982); Promised Land: The South since 1945 (Arlington Heights, Ill., 1987); Black, White, and Southern: Race Relations and Southern Culture, 1940 to the Present (Baton Rouge, 1990); Region, Race, and Cities: Interpreting the Urban South (Baton Rouge, 1997); and Still Fighting the Civil War: The American South and Southern History (Baton Rouge, 2002), along with several coauthored and coedited volumes. Goldfield has served the SHA on the Membership Committee twice; on the Program Committee (1996); on the Executive Council (1991-1993); on the Journal's Board of Editors (1999-2002); and as chair of the Francis B. Simkins Award Committee (2007).

Lynda L. Crist has served as assistant editor, associate editor, and since 1979, the editor of the Papers of Jefferson Davis Project, based at Rice University. The project will publish the final two volumes of the Papers, Volumes 13 and 14, within the next five years and has issued revised versions of three earlier volumes. Dr. Crist is currently serving on the James A. Rawley Award Committee (2011).

Lacy K. Ford Jr. is professor of history and vice provost at the University of South Carolina. He is the author of Origins of Southern Radicalism: The South Carolina Upcountry, 1800-1860 (New York, 1988) and Deliver Us from Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South (New York, 2009); and the editor of A Companion to the Civil War and Reconstruction (Malden, Mass., 2005). He has served on the Program Committee four times, including as its chair (1997); on the Journal's Board of Editors (1991-1994); on the Membership Committee (2007); and as chair of the William E Holmes Award Committee (2008).

Elizabeth Hayes Turner is professor of history at the University of North Texas. …

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