The Application and Use of Library Intranet Services at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

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Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) was established in 1963 as one of the seven institutes of technology in India created as centres of excellence for higher training, research, and development in science, engineering, and technology. The central library of NT, Delhi is one of the most model academic library. All the students, faculty, employees of the institute are entitled to make use of its services and facilities. Its collection now increased to 3 lakhs comprising books, periodicals, reference works, technical reports, CD-ROM databases, Video cassettes etc. The library subscribes to 657 current journals and providing access to 6500 scholarly journals through INDEST Consortium. It has also access to more than 3000 electronic journals (full text). The leading abstracting and indexing databases in the field of Engineering and Technology are also available on intranet and internet. CD-ROM based search services, in- house database services and electronic journals are the major services available on the institution's intranet.

Library Collection

The library has a rich collection of books on S&T, including chemistry, mathematics, physics, computer engineering, civil engineering, computer sciences, electrical and electronics engineering, textile engineering, biotechnology, humanities, and social sciences

The collection includes 657 current printed journals, 246,918 books, 98,942 bound volume of journals, 26,923 standards, 1,095 pamphlets, 15,400 technical reports, 3321 theses, 1460 video cassettes, 2,340 microfilm/microfiche and 1,360 compact CDs and DVDs.

Library Homepage

The library home page is an integrated interface for all computer and web-based services available in central library. It offers the following information services at:

* General information about central library

* Library executives

* Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

* ACL members

* Collection and libraries services

* Library Newsletter (latest issue)

* Library services

* E-resources

The increasing commitment to the web-based digitized collections at the Central Library, IIT Delhi coincide with installation of fibre optics-based Campus-LAN connected to a 2 Mbps VSNL Radio Link enabling faster Internet access for the academic community of the Institute. The availability of high-speed Internet connection has led to launching of a number of sponsored and unsponsored project for developing network-based digitized collections within the frame work of tradition library and information services at the Central Library, IIT Delhi. The Library has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to embark upon the world of electronic information.

The Library maintains a home page that serves as a single integrated interface designed to provide access to all computer and web-based services available to the academic community of the Institute. The role of a library, it is said, is to provide structured access to its carefully planned collections. If electronic resources on the web are treated as new medium of information access and its delivery, the librarians have to play their roles of selecting, evaluating, describing, annotating and providing intelligent access to electronic information available on the web. The home page of the Central Library, IIT Delhi serves as a single integrated interface designed to provide access to the following computer and web-based services available to the academic community of the Institute:

i. Activities, infrastructure, and services of the Library. The page also provides floorplans and library layout design through an image map;

ii. Access to the Libsys package and the Library's OPAC through a) Libsys Window-based client; b) Libsys telnet application link at the IP Address (Intranet); and c) Libsys Java Client.

iii. Access to the Delhi Library netwok (DELNET) databases and services through a telnet link at the IP Address "delnet. …


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