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Having passed the mid-term election cycle this season, now is an opportune time to reflect on the first two years of the Obama Administration. On many fronts, our nation is just now beginning to internalize the impacts of significant legal and policy changes ushered in these past two years. In this Issue we bring our readers articles that reflect on these changes.

Professor Jonathan Adler assesses the future of greenhouse gas regulations and offers some recommendations for going forward. Professors Tung Yin and Vicki Divoll offer reflections on the state of foreign policy under President Obama; Professor Yin discusses the non-closure of Guantanamo Bay, and Professor Divoll argues for Congress to assert its right to national security intelligence information. Professor Ronen Avraham advocates for an alternative model of health care reform.

In addition to these reflections on the changes forged by the political branches in the past two years, two of our authors tackle the Court's most recent controversial decision, Citizens United. Professor Epstein defends the Court's decision and discusses why it might not be the watershed opinion that so many fear. Professor Massaro reflects on the implications of the case for foreign nationals.

To round out the issue, Alex Kardon discusses the current state of Privacy Act jurisprudence and argues for legislative reform. Chairman Leo and Mses. …


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