Academic journal article Education

Vocational Teacher Education Research: Issues to Address and Obstacles to Face

Academic journal article Education

Vocational Teacher Education Research: Issues to Address and Obstacles to Face

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Despite VE growth, relatively little is known about its teacher education. This may be in reference to the shortage in specialized researchers as a result of the absence of higher education teacher education in many countries.

Based on that, vocational teacher education (VTE) is still searching for its identity if compared to research in teacher education of school subjects. Teacher education of school subjects addressed numerous areas and various aspects that cover the wide spectrum of issues relating to education. However, research on VTE is still required to establish theoretical frameworks that represent the ground roots of its programs, and to address the change in roles of vocational teachers, legislations of (VTE), and multiculturalism in (VTE) context (Lynch, 1996, Lazaros & Rogers, 2006). At the same time, research on VTE faces numerous problems relating to the differences in names of programs according to field, the length of time periods, and finance required for such a research.

Problem of the Study

A very little number of Journals are interested in VTE, and few relating conferences are held. Taking this fact into consideration, there are various aspects that need to be studied. If these aspects are not specified, research on VTE will keep addressing non-critical issues. This will deepen the gap between VTE research and what is really required to study.

Research on VTE faces different challenges. If these challenges are not tackled and discussed, researchers will continue to suffer from these challenges. This will lead to a decrease in research momentum either in number of studies or in methodologies adopted.

Based on the aforementioned ideas, it is concluded that there is an urgent need to identify the issues that are required to address in research relating to VTE, and to discuss challenges and trends that such a research is required to follow.

The Purpose of the Study

The study aimed at the following:

Identifying the issues required to address in VTE relating research.

Identifying and discussing challenges that face research on VTE.

Importance of the Study

The importance of the study is implied in the importance of research itself as a strategy to development. In this dimension, it is important to identify the aspects that are required to address in research, because this will help researchers shed light on these aspects, a factor that makes research of better effectiveness and efficiency. Moreover, identifying challenges that face research will make it possible for relating establishments to afford their contributions to reduce these challenges.

Finally, identifying trends that should be followed in vocational teacher education will make research more forced and directed towards specific problems. This will enhance the effectiveness of studies and make researchers braver in selecting issues relating to VTE. The people who would benefit from the study may be summarized as researchers themselves, teacher education institutions, VE institutions, and prospective students who study in VE programs.


Literature available on VTE and relating research was collected and studied in terms of topics, methodologies, and results and the issues that emerged concerned structure, content, practices, and outcomes of VTE programs. In addition, the issues that were mentioned to address by researchers were analyzed in order to identify implications for research on VTE. This analysis addressed methods to follow, parties who could participate, and benefits of research on each issue. Finally, the researchers attempted to discuss trends of research on VTE and to suggest some recommendations for different parties related.

Issues Required to Address in (VTE) Research

Review of relevant studies reveals that research on VTE dominantly focuses on notational experiences and programs. …

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