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Academic journal article Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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Nouvelle Revue Theologique (Brussels)

Rene Lafontaine, "Ignace de Loyola et Martin Luther: vie spirituelle et theologie." Vol. 133, No. I (January-March, 2011), 45-64.


Revista Eclesiastica Brasileira (Petropolis, RJ)

Comissao Teologica Internacional da ASETT/EATWOT, "Religioes, pluralismo e paz." Vol. 71, No. 281 (January, 2011), 209-218.


Ecumenism (Montreal)

A special issue on "Church Doctrine: A Response to God Reaching Out to Humanity through Jesus Christ" (Nos. 179-180 [Fall/Winter, 2010], 4-59) includes articles by Paul Ladouceur, Sylvain DesTrempes and Gilles Mongeau, Ian Ritchie, Kevin Smith, Keith R. Maddock, Neil Bergman, Gail Allan and Margaret Trapnell, Kester Trim and James E. Pedlar, Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, Richard Crossman, Tim Purvis, and M. Elaine Botha. A special section on the Leprosy Mission in Canada (pp. 60-78) includes articles by Peter Derrick, Nikki Whaites, Cathy Ito, Jean Matheson. Larissa Jones, Malcolm Duthie, Jessica Leung and Tracy Lermitte, Gisele Gedeon, Pauline Morris, anal Anne McKay.

Theoforum (Ottawa)

The following articles appear in Vol. 41, No. 1 (2010):

Gabriel Moran, "Revelation, Dialogue, and the Christian Community," pp. 31-51.

Gloria Durka, "Through the Looking Glass: A U.S. Roman Catholic View of Interreligious Education and Dialogue," pp. 113-129.

Theologie Evangelique (Montreal)

The following articles appear in Vol. 9, No. 3 (2010):

Henri Blocher, "L'unite chretienne selon la Bible," pp. 217-232.

Karim Arezki, "Raisons theologiques et historiques du fondamentalisme islamique," pp. 259-277.


Anales de Teologia (Concepcion)

Patricio Merino Beas, "Renovacion misionera y dialogo ecumenico en Latinoamerica: Convergencias teologicas." Vol. 11, No. 2 (2009), 313-332.


Communio Viatorum (Prague)

Jiri Piskula, "The Conception of the Christian Peace Conference and the Totalitarian Regime in Czechoslovakia." Vol. 52, No. 3 (2010), 254-269.


Istina (Paris)

The following articles appear in Vol. 55, No. 3 (July-September, 2010), a special issue in honor of Bernard Dupuy's 85th birthday:

Michel Mallevre, "Bernard Dupuy: Un passionne de l'unite du Peuple de Dieu," pp. 227-238.

"Deux letters de Bernard Dupuy a ses freres dominicains, pendant le Concile," pp. 239-256.

Rene Beaupere, "A Bernard Dupuy: Simple temoignage fraternal," pp. 257-261.

Fadiey Lovsky, "Hommage au Pere Bernard Dupuy," pp. 263-266.

Jean Dujardin, "Hommage au Pere Bernard Dupuy," pp. 267-270.

Etienne Fouilloux, "Une Longue marche vers l'cecumenisme: Istina (1923-1967)," pp. 271-287.

Grigorios D. Papathomas, "Une documentation theologique et cecumenique exceptionnelle: Cinquante ans de la Revue Istina (1954-2004)," pp. 289-299.

Georges Cardinal Cottier, "Destinees d'Israel: Un livre de Charles Journet a redecouvrir,'" pp. 301-308.


Interreligious Insight (London)

The following articles appear in N.S. Vol. 8, No. 3 (December, 2010):

Rasoul Sorkhabi, "Henry Corbin and the Renaissance of Persian Sufism," pp. 26-37.

Levi Checketts, "The Mormon Godhead and the Christian Trinity," pp. 38-47.

Michael Berman, "The Pagan Religious Practices of the Chechens and the Ingush," pp. 48-54.

Jim Kenney. "The Mosque Melee: A New Era of Religious Understanding?" pp. 59-62.

Herbert W. Bronstein, "A Setback for Interfaith?" pp. 62-64.

K. L. Seshagiri Rao, "Treasures of the Human Religious Heritage," pp. 64-66.

Terry Biddington, "Multi-faith Spaces in Contemporary Western Society: Towards a Theological Understanding," pp. 67-73.

One in Christ (Turvey, Bedford)

The following articles appear in Vol. …

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