Academic journal article Business: Theory and Practice

Knowledge Model for Integrated Construction Project management/Integruoto Statybos Projektu Valdymo Ziniu Modelis

Academic journal article Business: Theory and Practice

Knowledge Model for Integrated Construction Project management/Integruoto Statybos Projektu Valdymo Ziniu Modelis

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1. Introduction

Project management is quite often the province and responsibility of an individual project manager. This individual seldom participates directly in the activities that produce the building, but rather strives to maintain the progress and mutual interaction and tasks of various parties in such a way that reduces the risk of overall failure, maximizes benefits, and restricts costs.

The tools, knowledge and techniques for managing projects are often unique to construction management. For example: work breakdown structures, critical path analysis and earned value management. Understanding and applying the tools and techniques which are generally recognized as good practices are not sufficient alone for effective construction management. Effective construction management requires that the project manager understands and uses the knowledge and skills at least from several areas of expertise.

The purpose of the presented research is to develop a Knowledge model for integrated project management by undertaking a complex analysis of economic, legal / regulatory, technical, technological, organizational, managerial, social, cultural, political, ethical, psychological and educational factors affecting it, and to present recommendations on increasing competitive ability.

2. Integrated construction project management

Definitions of project management (PM) and construction management can be found in different literature sources as follows:

--The delivery and management of projects--it is usually performed by Program Management specialists (Queensland Government ... 2010).

--Project management--application of the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques during the project activities in order to meet or surpass the needs and expectations of all the participants interested in the project results (The University of Zagreb 2010).

--The methods and disciplines used to define goals, plan and monitor tasks and resources, identify and resolve issues, and control costs and budgets for a specific project (Bridgefield Group 2010).

--Project management is the process by which projects are defined, planned, monitored, controlled and delivered such that the agreed benefits are realized. Projects are unique, transient endeavours undertaken to achieve a desired outcome (Association ... 2010).

--Planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the motivation of all those involved in it to achieve the project objectives on time and to the specified cost, quality and performance (Alternative definition--The controlled implementation of defined change) (Brunswick 2010).

--A management philosophy that says efficient management will yield effective results. Specifically, efficient management of resources and constraints to perform tasks in order to achieve a desired result (Minnesota... 2010).

--Support of initiatives through the provision of project management (Advanced ... 2010).

--PM is a formalized and structured method of managing change in a rigorous manner. It focuses on achieving specifically defined outputs that are to be achieved by a certain time, to a defined quality and with a given level of resources so that planned outcomes are achieved (Wrasmussen 2010)

--A professional management practice consisting of an array of services applied to construction projects and programs through the planning, design, construction and post construction phases for the purpose of achieving project objectives including the management of quality, cost, time and scope (Construction ... 2010).

A construction project manager is a professional in the field of construction project management. Project managers can have the responsibility of the planning, execution, and closing of construction project.

A project manager is the person accountable for accomplishing the stated construction objectives. …

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