Academic journal article Afterimage

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Academic journal article Afterimage

Related Articles from the Pages of Afterimage

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"100 Suns and the Nuclear Sublime: An Interview with Michael Light" by Robert Hirsch (interview), 33,1, pp. 24-29.

"The Abused Landscape: The Works of Young Israeli Photographers" byjochai Rosen (feature). 35.1, pp. 23-26.

"After 9/11" by Nathan Hogan (book noted: After 9/11 by Nathan Lyons). 31.2, p. 14.

"After the Fact" by Vincent Leo (exhibition review: "Poland 1983: Auschwitz, Majdanck, Treblinka" by James Friedman, Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York, NY and "Concerning a Personal Project: The Photographing of Nine Nazi Concentration Camps" by James Friedman, Purdue University Library, Lafayette, IN; Greater Rochesterjewish Community Center, Rochester, NY; Jewish Federation of Broome County, Binghamton, NY; Kingsbay YM-YWHA, Brooklyn, NY). 12.10, pp. 17-18.

"Agnostic Witness" by Laura U. Marks (report: Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, New York, NY). 22.2. pp. 5-6.

"All That is Solid Melts into Air: Notes on the Logic of the Global Spectacle" by Jonathan Barley (feature:. 30.2, pp. 4-5.

"Allegories of Palestine: An Interview with Michel Khleifi" by Coco Fusco (interview). 16.4, pp. 14-16.

"A(na)esthetics" by Alan Gilbert (book review: Between Dog & Wolf: Essays on Art and Politics by David Levi Strauss). 28.5, p. 20.

"Appointment with Berlin" by Jay Murphy (report: Bedinale, Berlin, Germany). 36.1, pp. 5-6.

"Arabs Not the First to he Blown Away by the Movies" by James Marrison (essay). 31.5, p. 14.

"Archaeological Digging in the June Gloom" by Roger Hallas (report: The 51st Robert Flaherty Seminar, Ctarcmont. CA). 33.1, pp. 7-8.

"Archive of the Forgotten: A Conversation About the Archive of Modern Conflict" by Paul Roberts (interview). 38.5, pp. 5-7.

"Art, Gender, Power, and the F Word: An Interview with Coco Fused' by Colette Copeland (interview). 35.5, pp. 4-6.

"The Art of Mourning: Death and Photography" by David L. Jacobs (book review: Looking at Death by Barbara P. NOrfleet, Secure the Shadow by Jay Ruby, Harm's Way edited by Joel-Peter Witkin, Nagasaki Journey: The Photography of Yosuke Yamahata edited by Rupert Jenkins). 23.6 & 24.1, pp. 8-11.

"An of Peaceful Protest" by Anuradha liikrain (exhibition review: "One Day: A Collective Narrative of Tehran," Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA). 37.4, pp. 21-23.

"The Art of War: Vietnam 'terminable and Interminable" by Rob Silbcrmati (feature book review: Unwinding the Vietnam Win--From War into Peace edited by Reese Williams, feature exhibition review: "War and Memory: In the Aftermath of Vietnam," Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.). 16.2, pp. 10-13.

"An Under Occupation: Documentary, Archive, and the Radically Banal" by Ryan Watson (feature). 36.5, pp. 7-12.

"Atomic Reactions" by Patricia Thomson (feature). 11.9, pp. 5-10.

"Atrocious Images" by Alexandra Ncci (exhibition review: "Picturing Atrocity: Photography in Crisis," The Center for the Humanities at the Graduate Center, New York, NY). 33.5, pp. 38-39.

"The Banality of Photography" by Jan Zita Grover (feature book review; The Auschwitz. Album: A Book Based Upon an Album Discovered by Concentration Camp Survivor, Lili Meier text by Peter Hellman). 9.9, pp. 5-7.

"Behind the Front" by Jane Creighton (film review: La Decision de Veneer (Decision to Win) and Morazan by the Cero a la Izquierda Film Collective). 10.4, pp. 17-18.

"Between the Eyes" by James Johnson (book review: Between the Eyes: Essays on Photography and Politics by David Levi Strauss). 31.5, p. 17.

"Between the Lines" by Tina Wasserman (film review: Between the Lines by Yffat Kedar). 32.1, p. 14.

"Beyond CNN" by Patricia R. Zimmermann (report: Asian Media Information and Communications Conference, Beijing, China). 33.2, pp. 15-16.

"The Black Box of the Occupation Revisited: Photography, Responsibility, and the Israeli Occupation" by Simon Faulkner (feature). …

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