Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

Academic journal article The Review of Metaphysics

Doctoral Dissertations

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University of Alberta

(58) (58) (15)

ANDREI BULEANDRA, "The Prescriptivity of Conscious Belief." Adviser: Adam Morton.

JOEL BUENTING, "The Erotetic Epistemology: A Primer." Adviser: Adam Morton.

Boston College

(93) (69) (20)

LESLIE ROY BALLARD, "Synthesis and Selfhood: A Comparative Study of Kierkegaard and Kant." Advisers: Vanessa Rumble, Gordon Marino.

CARLOS BOHORQUEZ, "Paul Ricoenr's Hermeneutic Detours and Distanciations: A Study of the Hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer and Paul Ricoeur." Advisers: David Rasmussen, Richard Kearney.

JON BURMEISTER, "Hegel and the Language of Philosophy." Advisers: John Sallis, Vanessa Rumble, John Russon.

ROY J. J. PEREIRA, S.J., "The Chemistry of Attention: Neuro-Quantum Approaches to Consciousness." Advisers: Ronald Tacelli, S.J., Daniel McKaughan.

LYNN SEBASTIAN PURCELL, "Infinite Hermeneutics: An Essay on Globalized Existence." Advisers: Patrick Byrne, Richard Kearney.

NATHAN SMITH, "The Origins of Descartes' Concept of Mind in the Regulae Ad Directionem Ingenii." Advisers: Richard Cobb-Stevens, Jean-Luc Solere, Aaron Garrett.

ERIN STACKLE, "Rectangular Cows and Other Bad Tragedies: An Aristotelian Solution to the Incommensurability of Mathematics and Material Things." Advisers: Arthur Madigan, S.J., Richard Cobb-Stevens, Patrick Byrne.

CHRISTOPHER YATES, "The Poetic Imagination in Heidegger and Schelling." Advisers: John Sallis, Richard Kearney, Jason Wirth.

Bowling Green State University

(34) (26) (10)

CAROLYN COUNCIL, "Honoring Their Services: Why Blacks in the United States Should be Paid Reparations." Adviser: Louis Katzner.

University of British Columbia

(48) (48) (23)

YUICHI AMITANI, "The Persistence Question of the Species Problem." Adviser: John Beatty.

JAMES KELLEHER, "Hume's Ethics of Belief." Adviser: Margaret Schabas.

NOLA SEMCZYSZYN, "Signal into Vision: Medical Imaging as Instrumentally Aided Perception." Adviser: Dominic Lopes.

JENNIFER JILL FELLOWS, "Making Up Knowers: Objectivity and Categories of Epistemic Subjects." Adviser: Alan Richardson.

RANA AHMAD, "A Normative Account of Risk." Adviser: Peter Danielson, John Beatty.

University of Calgary

(23) (22) (20)

MASASHI KASAKI, "Contextualism and the Reference Class Problem." Adviser: Jeremy Fantl.

University of California at Berkley

(46) (46) (16)

BENJAMIN BOUDREAUX, "Immigration and the Ethics of Assimilation." Advisers: Richard Wallace, Niko Kolodny.

STANLEY CHEN, "Matters of Taste Are Not 'Mere Matters of Taste.'" Advisers: John MacFarlane, Barry Stroud.

MATTHEW PARROTT, "Agency and First-Person Authority." Advisers: Barry Stroud, Daniel Warren.

IAN SCHNEE, "Justification, Reasons and Truth." Advisers: Barry Stroud, Niko Kolodny.

University of California at Irvine

(37) (34) (10)

KRISTOPHER RHODES, "Cognition, Function, Identity." Adviser: Sven Bernecker.

CHAD KIDD, "Seeing Particulars." Adviser: David Woodruff Smith.

CHRISTINA CONROY, "A Relative Facts Interpretation of Everettian Quantum Mechanics." Advisers: Sven Bernecker and Jeffrey Barrett. Awarded in 2009-2010.

CHRISTOPHER LAY, "Time to Account for Consciousness." Adviser: David Woodruff Smith. Awarded in 2009-2010.

PETER WESTMORELAND, "The Double Relation: The Application of Rousseau's Ontology to his Social and Political Philosophy." Adviser: Martin Schwab. Awarded in 2009-2010.

GERALD CANTU, "Plato's Moral and Political Philosophy." Adviser: Gerasimos X. Santas. Awarded in 2009-2010.

MELVIN SANCHEZ, "A Defense of Kant's Transcendental Idealism." Adviser: Ermanno Bencivenga. Awarded in 2009-2010.

University of California at Los Angeles

(50) (50) (16)

JORAH DANNENBERG, "Promising as Paradigm. …

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