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Four Environments

Academic journal article Science Scope

Four Environments

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GREEN THUMBS: Radishes #38

1. Lay two folded strips of paper towel over the rim of a small jar, as shown.


2. Fill 1/3 full with water, then lay a patch of plastic wrap over one of the towel surfaces.

3. Put three radish seeds into each environment.

4. Which seeds will germinate first? Last? Not at all? Predict, and explain your reasoning.

5. Record results in about a week. Any surprises?

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To expose radish seeds to a variety of growing conditions, and predict outcomes.


Make a photocopy of the activity above for each student or lab team.

Step 1. The towel hanging outside the jar must end higher than the water level, or it will siphon water out of the jar in a continuous drip.

Step 2. The plastic film should be only as long as the towel to avoid the siphon effect.

Step 3. The small seeds will cling to the wet towel. Dry fingers make this step easier. …

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