Publications of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study: Proceedings Series, Vol. 1, No. 1: June, 1911

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On March 22, 1911, the chairman of a committee on invitation to organize a Scandinavian philological society sent out the following letter to Scandinavian scholars throughout the country:

URBANA, ILLINOIS, March 22, 1911.


It is proposed to. hold a meeting of those interested in Scandinavian study in this country for the purpose of organizing a Scandinavian Philological Society or a Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study. It is suggested that Chicago be the place of meeting and that it be held on May 26-27th. In addition to the work of organization it is planned to have a program of eight or nine papers, the sessions to extend over a day and a half. The intervening evening might very pleasantly be given over to an informal supper and smoker, together with a talk, perhaps, upon The National Songs of the Scandinavian Countries, by an especially invited speaker. A tentative program of the meeting is herewith enclosed. A printed program will be sent out at least two weeks before the meeting. The movement looking toward organizing such a society has everywhere been received with interest and with promises of hearty support. The enclosed sheet is sent out herewith in order to give all who desire to become members an opportunity to enroll beforehand and to give the committee an idea of the attendance. It is urged that everyone, who possibly can, attend this meeting. The list of members will be printed in connection with the program to be sent out later.

Very truly,

George T. Flom, Ass't. Professor of Scandinavian

Languages and Literature, The University of Illinois.

Julius E. Olson, Professor of Scandinavian Languages

and Literature, The University of Wisconsin.

A. A. Stomberg, Professor of Swedish Language and

Literature, The University of Minnesota

Chester N. Gould, Ass't. Professor of German and

Scandinavian, The University of Chicago.

A. Louis Elmquist, Instructor in Scandinavian Languages

and Literature, Northwestern University.

A. M. Sturtevant, Ass't. Professor of Scandinavian

Languages and Literature, The University of Kansas.

The following blank for application for membership was also enclosed with the letter:

Believing in the desirability of an organization whose aim will be to advance the study of the languages, literature and culture of the Scandinavian North and to promote mutual acquaintance among those interested in this department of scholarly pursuit, I hereby signify my desire to be enrolled as a member of the proposed society, to participate in its activity and aid in any way that I may be able toward its success.


Will you attend the meeting in Chicago, May 26-27?

The tentative program enclosed contained the titles of seven papers and one topic for discussion in conference. The call to organize such a society met with hearty response everywhere, seventy-one signatures being received during the time preparations were going on for the meeting. These came from all parts of the country and represented Scandinavian instructors from Harvard to Washington State and also many scholars who are engaged in other fields of teaching or occupied in other professions.

On May 12, the printed program of the meeting was sent out. The members of the Local Committee on Arrangements were Professor C. N. Gould, University of Chicago, Chairman, Mr. J. C. M. Hanson, Librarian, University of Chicago, and Mr. Aksel G. S. Josephson, Librarian, The John Crerar Library, Chicago.

The report of the proceedings follows.



The meeting was called to order by Professor George T. Flom, who nominated Professor C. N. Gould for temporary chairman. Upon being so elected Professor Gould took the chair. …


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