Academic journal article Journal of Gender and Social Issues

A Study the Planning and Organizational Skills of Head Teachers at Elementary Level in Distt. Attock

Academic journal article Journal of Gender and Social Issues

A Study the Planning and Organizational Skills of Head Teachers at Elementary Level in Distt. Attock

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Byline: Najma Ranjha and Khadija Muqqdas


The focus of this study is on the planning and organizational skills of educational administrators at elementary level in Distt. Attock. Administration is one of the basic factors upon which the quality of the students' learning depends. The planning and organizational effectiveness mostly depends on the way the head of the institution conceives and executes his/her leadership. But, practically we see that the school administration at every level needs for improvement because people are directly appointed at this post without getting any type of administrative training. Therefore, it was necessary to conduct a study to investigate planning and organizational skills of educational administrators and their impact on students' learning to make recommendations for improvement.

Main objectives of this study were (a) to investigate the current practices of educational administrators.(b) critically analyze these practices of educational administrators.(c) to make recommendations for effective educational administration. The nature of this study was descriptive. The population of this study was consisted of all the heads of all elementary schools in Disst Attock. Thirty heads (fifteen male and fifteen female) were randomly selected as a sample which was considered to be significant for the study. The return of the questionnaire was 100% because it was personally filled up by these heads. It was concluded that department should arrange training programs for professional development of the heads in the time of induction. The respondents were of the view that in-service trainings also be provided to the heads in intervals on large scale to get fruitful results in students' learning.


Education is a powerful instrument of socio-economic and political change concomitant to global technological and democratic development. So it is necessary to improve quality of education at different levels of education especially at elementary level. According to Shahid (2000), this stage produces the bulk of skilled and literate workers. The Commission on National Education (1959) recommended that Elementary Education should be imparted free to all children belonging to the age group of elementary schooling. Quality of education depends on good administration. According to Kochhar (2000), educational administration is a comprehensive effort to achieve some specific administrative skills like planning, organizing, decision-making, delegation of authority, stress management, conflict management, motivation, team building, human relations and instructional leadership skills. According to Kochhar (2000), planning and organizing are the basic factors upon which the quality of a person's work depends.

These are the qualities that a head of institution must have, if the educational system is to prepare young people adequately for the challenges and demands of coming era.

In fact, true and superior educational administration is so basic to the satisfactory functioning of the institutions. Therefore, it was the need of the time to conduct a study which may help to make effective recommendations for good administration to improve results.

According to Akbar (1992), administration means to manage techniques and methods such as planning, organization, direction, finical control etc. Administration is not doing things but getting them done. It is a functionary that gets things done by others, by directing and supervising their work. According to Adam and Dickey (1996), the purpose of educational administration is to enable an organization or an institution to carry out with maximum efficiency for the purposes for which the organization or institution exists.

According to Murgatroyed and Morgan (1994), it also refers to the internal organizational structures, roles and management working process, which needs to be conceived to deliver the chosen strategy. …

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