The Management of Current Traffic Congestion Status during the Urbanization Development in Guiyang

Article excerpt

This concept of urbanization was early put forward by Spanish engineer A. Serda in Basic Theory for Urbanization in 1867, and now is widely applied in the world. The urbanization process which characterized as the population gathering to the town and the city continuously is the necessary historical stage for every country during its industrialization. At present, the urbanization level of the world is more than 50 percent and a half of population live in the city resulting in its rapid development. Meanwhile, the excessive consumption of energy, the increasing supply pressure for traffic, water, electric, gas and the quantity of heat plus the excessive population in the city can result in "urban illness". The traffic in the city can be in trouble to restrict the better development of the city with the population centered in the city. The researching task group of the State Council Development Researching Center indicates that the pattern of the traffic is one of the substantial core problems. The future shall rely on the advanced traffic technology to new urbanization pattern with the characteristics of better function, centered development, ecological friendship and harmonious live. About one third of the traffics combined cities and towns in 655 cities are congested during the rush hour under the rapid development of the urbanization according to the sixth Chinese Living Environment Forum. The traffic condition of large cities in developed countries analyzed by Britain SYSTRA Company indicates that the traffic congestion, traffic accident, noise pollution and automobile gas pollution make the cost in paid economy respectively take 2%, 1.5 to 2 %, 0.3 %, and 0.4% of GDP. The influence of the city economy caused by the health cost and the loss of the productive forces resulted from the above factors take 1% to 5% in GDP. And the GDP is the important index for urbanization, so the traffic problems are representative and significant in the process of urbanization. Guizhou province is located in the southwest of plateau and though its capital Guiyang city isn't a largely developed economic center, with the population congregating in the city and increasing of motor vehicles, as the infrastructure in relative poor with the lack of good management means and manners, the terrible traffic congestion here brings much negative influence to Guiyang city, which restrict the urbanization process of the city.


The traffic congestion shall be that when the traffic demands surpass the traffic capability on the roads, the surpassing parts stayed on the roads is called traffic congestion (LU Huapu, 2001). The rapid increase of private automobiles and roads traffic with the highly development of national economy and the rapid urbanization, especially in big city, the traffic congestion, the traffic energy consumption and environment pollution increase rapidly which have been the bottle neck for the development of national economy (LIN Fei, 2006). Each country has enhanced their transportation demand management to use the traffic policy function and certain technology which affect the participator of traffic to choose their traffic patterns, time, address and route, etc. and at the same time, the developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan research and use the intellectual traffic system (ITS) technology in different degrees. The strategy of TOD put forward by Peter Caruso is the important method for the city traffic system intellectual increase indicates that the traffic cannot rely on the automobile excessively and the public bus is the main traffic means in the city. Anthony Downs from America put forward the concept of congestion charging through the triple convergence indicates that an additional charge shall be charged to automobiles on the congestion roads or rush hour. This method is used to adjust the automobile distribution on the city roads net and rush hours to reduce the congestions. …


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