Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Current Research Situation of Chinese Psychological Health over Recent Twenty Years

Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Current Research Situation of Chinese Psychological Health over Recent Twenty Years

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Psychological health is one important part of individuals' whole health, which plays an important role in individuals' health and diseases. At the same time, it's the specific manifestation of individuals' good psychological health. Recently, more and more psychological problems are destined to emerge in various social groups. Therefore, psychological health study is getting more and more attention from Psychology. Now China is constructing a socialist harmonious society, and the social humanity, stability and good development has much to do with every social member's positive efforts, and is affected by individual's condition of psychological health directly." The decision of Several Important Problems about constructing a socialist harmonious society of central committee of the Communist Party of China" said clearly, much attention should be paid to the psychological harmonious research, Personal psychological harmony is the basis of social harmony, which is based on the self-harmony. And psychological healthy is the basic element of humans' every activity, which is also a important manifestation and basic requirement. As a result, the research of psychological health is not only meaningful to individual's physic and psychological health, but also to build a socialist harmonious society. Then, learning about the current research situation of psychological health, finding out the advantages and disadvantages of our researches about psychological health on fields, ways, and power, etc, will play a meaningful role in the improvement and optimization of psychological health study. There were researchers (Liu Xin, 2003; Zhu Shu, 2004; Hu Jinlian, 2005; Zhang Haizhong, 2006; Li Jian, 2007) summarized and reviewed the college psychological health about students, psychological health about nurses, the comparisons of rural and urban psychological health, the increase of papers on psychological health and so on by the literature metrological method, but there was not any systematic and multi-dimensions research in Chinese most representative research reports. This research using literature metrological method, analyzed and discussed the current Chinese (not including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) psychological health research fields, ways, power and such aspects through the selected Chinese most representative research reports over recent twenty years.


Literature Samples

With the usage of common literature information statistical method, based on the CNKI data-base, selected 9 main Psychological publications who has larger influence (Refer to the Chinese publications included by "Principles about the writing of Psychological Papers" written by Chinese Psychological Association) Acta Psychologica Sinica, Psychological Science, Advances in Psychological Science, Psychological Development and Education, Applied Psychology, Psychological and Behavior Research, Chinese Psychological Health Journal, Chinese clinically Psychological Health Journal, Psychological Exploration as the material resource of this study. Content samples are 538 papers about psychological health study published in above 9 publications from 1998 to 2007, whose title include "Psychological Health".

Analytical Category and Unit

On the basis of referring representative curriculums, studied relative papers, books and learned from relative study achievements, decided 5 Analytical Categories, which were surveys on current research situation of psychological health, drawing of psychological health scale, the relative factors of psychological health, psychological health education study and can't decide, And 8 analytical unit :titles, research fields, the objects of study, the kind of publication, the number of cooperative authors, the institutions of authors, the regions which authors lived, the time of publication was decided in each category.

Statistical method

Using literature metrology, frequency and percentages were the main methods. …

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