The Role of Cultural Creative Industry in the Process of the City Development: The Case of Jingdezhen

Article excerpt

The establishment of cities results from the survival and development of human society; The city is the long-term survival of human society development product, is the symbol of human civilization and the carrier of culture. During the process of urban development, various city features and cultural phenomenon came into being as a result of geographical environment, climate conditions and natural resources. This kind of cultural phenomenon is the unique charm of a city, and is also an important distinguishing itself from other cities. Cultural accumulation and background formed in the historical development of every city is not only the embodiment of the city in the past glorious history, but also the inevitable result of economic progress. Through cultural development of a city, we can draw the conclusion that cultural heritage and economic development is inseparable. In today's economic globalization society, the city should mold the individual character of city from its own culture. Otherwise it would be lose its attraction and become a one-size-fits-all urban development pattern.


In modern society, There is a strong tendency to combine culture and economy. Culture not only becomes but also become a brand and symbol. The cultural industry is the external performance of culture, and but also the important driving force of economy. At present, Creative economy around the world creates $22 billion every day, and increases at the rate of 5% year after year (LIANG Jun, 2010, p.52). When traditional industry encounters the dual pressure of environment and resources, Cultural and creative industries become an important engine of economic development. The course of urban development, with different historical and geographic factors, various citu features of culture comes into being. Hence, any city has to develop itself inaccordance with its own condition if bettering its culture industry. because the city in different historical geography, can form different city culture, this feature is the city history and reality of various factors, is also the Prerequisite of comprehensive development of creative industries. In the construction of creative cities, Landry (2000) thinks creative cities is based on the following factors : the personnel quality, will, leadership qualities, the diversity of all kinds of talents and human development opportunities, organizational culture, local identity, urban space and facilities, network power relations. 2002 Florida summed up theory of the creative economy development "3 T", namely Technology, Talent and Tolerance. He also thinks the creative class has the significant value and significance, and they will decide on the work place and even the city's prosperity and failure (Roch, Zheng, 2008). In short, a creative city need to have the hard power of the development of creative industry (suitable environment that is fit for the cultural development) and soft power (culture heritage and the reality of culture, especially talents reserve).

Jingdezhen porcelain is famous all over the world, and also the ancient Chinese town, as chinese culture is deep and the symbol of the glorious civilization. She made porcelain as early as the Han dynasty, the city is also one of the cities named by nianhao of the emperor. From then on, Jingdezhen started to produce the porcelain for the government, by the time of Ming dynasty, she was the producer of ceramics kiln products in a period of great prosperity. Owing to the driving force of the high-quality goods culture, the folk kiln had come into being which contributed to the future of Jingdezhen porcelain industry. From the song dynasty, china had many famous kilns in decline With the millennium development process of ancient Chinese society, only Jingdezhen Millennium kiln fire burned more brightly. The fundamental reason lies in the ideology of innovation. …


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