Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Studies to Chinese College Music Education Management Reform and Development of Countermeasures

Academic journal article Studies in Sociology of Science

Studies to Chinese College Music Education Management Reform and Development of Countermeasures

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Professional music education management has different unique compare with and the general management or general music education, regardless of education or management sector, which has a certain degree of consensus. But the special nature of university music education and management has not been more discussion and inquiry.

In a sense, no high-level, highly developed, high-quality college music education and management, there would be no sustained development and prosperity of professional music education. College music education as an integral part of education, there are similar aspects with general education management. Therefore, music education management and education management have some common or cross management thinking and management principles, it can learn from each other. Effective education management may improve quality of teaching, how to reform and improve education management is an important part of music education management of research and exploration, this is a major issue which music education in Chinese universities facing, but also it is a new areas of educational management theory research.( Li, 2007) Adhere to people-oriented music education, and its essence is respect for music education principle, respect for the student's personality, respect for the education object's physical and mental development law, its core is that development of students as the education management starting point and destination.


In recent years, music education management of innovation idea deepening, it has been some progress in music education management area, achieved outstanding results. For example, in the college music education and management, emphasis on the student's education management has become a consensus, college, and department of education management models are being improved. With Chinese university scale expanding, college and department of education management model become to basic model of college students education and management. (Li, 2005) On this basis, many colleges and universities music education continuously promote the standardization and scientific management according to student characteristics and college students' training goals. In addition, the college music education management also form educational system which combination to main channel and auxiliary channels.

At the same time, Chinese college music education and management are also showing a lot of disadvantages. Over the past 30 years, Chinese economic rapid development, but take economic development as the core of the social development strategy, management philosophy and values of economic area have a broad and deep impact to education. This effect has its positive, but also had a negative impact, that is take the performance management economy area as model and one-sided applied arts education management. In addition, by the traditional concepts of education, college music education prevalent in the following issues, specifically as follows:

2.1 Focusing on Music Technology Training but Neglects the Study of Music Theory

Specific performance of students: interest on courses that have a direct effect to learning of music technology, but they are not interested on other basic theory courses such as history of theory, music aesthetics, harmony, orchestration and so on. Students' passive learning some programs even under the teachers stringent requirements, they can not really learn in depth. Students think that These courses are no obvious effect on improving musical skills, these courses can not help them "to make a living" after graduation, and teacher stressed the importance of certain professional skills courses, which enable students to put more and more time and energy into skills practice areas.

Even some students interested in a music theory course, but they did not realize that only pure improve music skills, but not raise the level of music theory; it is not to promote overall music quality. …

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