Academic journal article American Journal of Health Education

Topics and Key to Indicators

Academic journal article American Journal of Health Education

Topics and Key to Indicators

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There are seven topics chosen as the minimum, essential content and skills for K-12 sexuality education:

Anatomy and Physiology (AP) provides a foundation for understanding basic human functioning.

Puberty and Adolescent Development (PD) addresses a pivotal milestone for every person that has an impact on physical, social and emotional development.

Identity (ID) addresses several fundamental aspects of people's understanding of who they are.

Pregnancy and Reproduction (PR) addresses information about how pregnancy happens and decision-making to avoid a pregnancy.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV (SH) provides both content and skills for understanding and avoiding STDs and HIV, including how they are transmitted, their signs and symptoms and testing and treatment.

Healthy Relationships (HR) offers guidance to students on how to successfully navigate changing relationships among family, peers and partners. Special emphasis is given in the National Sexuality Education Standards to the increasing use and impact of technology within relationships.

Personal Safety (P5) emphasizes the need for a growing awareness, creation and maintenance of safe school environments for all students.

These seven topics are organized following the eight National Health Education Standards.

The National Sexuality Education Standards present performance indicators--what students should know and be able to do by the end of grades 2, 5, 8, and 12--based on the eight National Health Education Standards listed in the following table. In addition, the standards are divided into seven specific sexuality education topics. …

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