Academic journal article The Review of Contemporary Fiction

Books Received

Academic journal article The Review of Contemporary Fiction

Books Received

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Akutagawa Ryunosuke. A Fool's Life. Trans. Anthony Barnett and Toraiwa Naoko. Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers, 2007. Paper: $18.00. (F)

Albahari, David. Leeches. Trans. Ellen Elias-Bursa& Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2011. Cloth: $24.00. (F)

Allen, Roberta. The Dreaming Girl. Ellipsis Press, 2011. Paper: $14.00. (F) Appelfeld, Aharon. Until the Dawn's Light. Trans. Jeffrey M. Green. Schocken, 2011. Cloth: $26.00. (F)

Ashley, Robert, Sumner Carnahan, Thomas Fruck, and L. K. Larsen. Q+1: Short Works from the Quadrants Series Authors. Burning Books, 2011. Paper: $10.00. (F)

Baldwin, Joshua. The Wilshire Sun. Turtle Point Press, 2011. Paper: $12.50. (F)

Barnett, Anthony. Antonyms & Others. Allardyce Book, 2012. Paper: $18.00. (F)

--. Citations Followed on. Allardyce Book, 2010. Paper: $19.00. (F)

Bingham, Sallie. Mending: New and Selected Stories. Sarabande Books, 2011. Paper: $16.95. (F)

Blanco, Alberto. Afterglow/Tras el rayo. Bitter Oleander Press, 2011. Paper: $21.00. (P)

Christopher, Lonely. The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse. Akashic Books, 2011. Paper: $15.95. (F)

Constant, Paule. Private Property. Trans. Margot Miller and France Grenaudier-Klijn. Univ. of Nebraska Press, 2011. Paper: $17.95. (F)

Cooper, Dennis. The Marbled Swarm. HarperPerennial, 2011. Paper: $14.99. (F)

Craig, George. Writing Beckett's Letters. Sylph Editions, 2011. Paper: 10.00 [pounds sterling]. (NF)

Daitch, Susan. Paper Conspiracies. City Lights, 2011. Paper: $16.95. (F)

Darwish, Mahmoud. In the Presence of Absence. Trans. Sinan Antoon. Archipelago Books, 2011. Paper: $16.00. (NF)

Delaney, Edward J. Broken Irish. Turtle Point Press, 2011. Paper: $18.50. (F) de Saussure, Ferdinand. Course in General Linguistics. Trans. Wade Baskin. Columbia Univ. Press, 2011. Paper: $27.50. (NF)

Des Forets, Louis-Rene. Poems of Samuel Wood. Trans. Anthony Barnett. Allardyce Book, 2011. Paper: $18.00. (P)

Dix, Andrew, Brian Jarvis, and Paul Jenner. The Contemporary American Novel in Context. Continuum, 2011. Paper: $24.95. (NF)

Doloughan, Fiona J. Contemporary Narrative: Textual Production, Multimodality, and Multiliteracies. Continuum, 2011. Paper: $34.95. (NF)

Draeger, Manuela. In the Time of the Blue Ball. Trans. Brian Evenson. Dorothy, 2011. Paper: $16.00. (F)

Duchamp, L. Timmel. Never at Home. Acqueduct Press, 2011. Paper: $18.00. (F)

Dupin, Jacques. Of Flies and Monkeys. Trans. John Taylor. Bitter Oleander Press, 2011. Paper: $24.00. (P)

Fagerholm, Monika. The Glitter Scene. Other Press, 2011. Paper: $17.95. (F)

Falkner, Sarah. Animal Sanctuary. Starcherone Books, 2011. Paper: $20.00. (F)

Fourier, Charles. The Hierarchies of Cuckoldry and Bankruptcy. Trans. Geoffrey Longnecker. Wakefield Press, 2011. Paper: $12.95. (NF)

Freitag, Gunther. Brendel's Fantasy. Trans. Eugene H. Hayworth. Owl Canyon Press, 2011. Paper: $16.95. (F)

Gerdes, Eckhard. Hugh Moore. Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2010. Paper: $16.95. (F)

Gladman, Renee. The Ravickians. Dorothy, 2011. Paper: $16.00. (F)

Gregory, Daryl. Unpossible and Other Stories. Fairwood Press, 2011. Paper: $17.99. (F)

Henderson, Gretchen E. Galerie de Difformite. Lake Forest College Press, 2011. Paper: $15.00. (F)

--On Marvellous Things Heard. Green Lantern Press, 2011. Paper: $12.00. (F)

Jaccottet, Philippe. And, Nonetheless: Selected Prose and Poetry, 1990-2009. Trans. John Taylor. Chelsea Editions, 2011. Paper: $20.00. (NF)

Jimenez Mayo, Eduardo and Chris N. Brown, eds. Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Short Stories of the Fantastic. Small Beer Press, 2011. Paper: $16.00. (F)

Kaschock, Kirsten. Sleight. Coffee House Press, 2011. Paper: $16.00. (F)

Kobek, Jarett. Atta. Semiotext(e), 2011. Paper: $12.95. (F)

Kolm, Ron. The Plastic Factory. Autonomedia, 2011. Paper: $5. …

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