Academic journal article Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal

Effect of Intrinsic Motivation on Consumer Brand Evaluation: The Influence of Motive, Involvement, and Need for Cognition

Academic journal article Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal

Effect of Intrinsic Motivation on Consumer Brand Evaluation: The Influence of Motive, Involvement, and Need for Cognition

Article excerpt

Research Background

The competition in motorcycle industry is very high, according to the amount of new comer in the industry. Competition was not in price only, because the manufacturer offer their product in the same price relatively. In the marketing perspective, there was a challenge, primarily in compiling the effective marketing communication strategy.

Marketing in this time occupied by potential information integration and communications technology till exploiting of database of consumer and internet marketing. Billion of potential consumer at this time can be accessed at this time. Nevertheless, perception of summary to the marketing practice in internet indicate that some company run the aggressive action like pop-ups, using advertisement of banner and hyperlinks and also other format from mechanism which impinge with the personal facility.

Short-term idea will push the company up at shorter campaign and plan the advertisement, this matter will push the company up at off colour business practice or digress. This things can be transferred by company which adopting proactive ethical behavior from consumer. In order to adopting stance which proactive like that, company have to develop an ethical interactivity model with consumer.

The model of ethical interactivity was introduced and discussed by a former research develop seven different matters, namely: notice, choice, access, contact, security, horizon, and intrusiveness. The real interpretation from the things instruct at consumer enableness to create the big added significance for the company of and for the consumer (Gauzente and Ranchhod, 2001).

Growth of amount of motorcycles in Indonesia is very fast and become the interesting phenomenon in the last decades. To the number of product which on the market in so many brand have peeped out the immeasurable desire. Immeasurable desire of course also driven the consumer buying behavior becoming complex progressively. One of the product which is in course of complex buying decision, is otomotive product otomotif, e.g. motorcycles. New brand appearance in this time have made the consumer given on more choice, what it is, of course, also will improve the complexity process buying decision.

Research concerning of buying behavior is more emphasizing at the influence of individual involvement, motif, NFC (need for cognition), and intrinsic motivation had by a consumer in brand evaluation. Decision in purchasing very depend on consumer involvement in course of its purchasing, for the process of low involvement process the decision also modestly, while the process needing high buyer involvement intensity, making decision process become more complex. In course of complex decision, consumer evaluate the existing product in detail and comprehensive, more information searched and more product evaluated from other purchasing situation type.

According to Assael (2001), complex purchasing situation oblige the consumer to conduct the evaluation to existing product in more detailed and comprehensive. Thereby complex purchasing decision more destined to product with the category:

--Costly price

--Relate to the performance risk, like health product, vehicle (car and motorcycles)

--Complicated, like CD player and computer

--Relate to the someone ego, like clothes and cosmetic.

Naturally, purchasing of product not only representing the condition of complex buying decision process, more important is available of time which is last for developing information seeking and its processing. Complex buying decision will not be happened if decision has to be made quickly. Other condition in complex buying decision is the existence of adequate information to evaluate the alternative brand. Consumer sometime delays its decision for asymmetric information. Besides, the decision postponement happened by so much characteristic and product feature. …

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